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Monday, January 4, 2021

America’s Election: ‘Truth Dies in the Streets’


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America’s Election: ‘Truth Dies in the Streets’


“trust upon tricks”—the radical left dug deep into its box of tricks in the presidential election. The evidence of large-scale voter fraud is overwhelming: “glitches” in ballot counting machines; hundreds of signed affidavits from witnesses alleging fraud; poll watchers being sidelined; vote counts that impossibly favor Joe Biden; voters filling out multiple ballots; illegal ballot harvesting; bags full of ballots arriving in the wee hours of the morning; ballots filed by people long dead.

The more you dig, the more you realize this election scandal was carefully orchestrated. For months, even years, people “conceived mischief”; then they carefully executed their plan to “bring forth deceit.” The radical left can get away with it because “None pleads for the right; None decides for the truth ….”

There are Pulitzer Prize-worthy stories to investigate here, but no one seems to want to seriously search for the truth.

This isn’t just a political crisis. This is a moral and spiritual crisis, and it infects virtually the entire leadership structure of America

The lawlessness and injustice, and the nation-crushing violence and suffering that come as a result, will end. These verses show that God will eventually step in and save America—but sadly, not before the nation falls into catastrophic violence, slavery and nuclear devastation.


All of the big acronymic centralized orgs are pushing in all the chips. And in the process, revealing something odd.

Maybe we’re missing something here, but…

1.] The World Economic Forum isn’t based on economics.

2.] The World Health Organization’s main focus isn’t the world’s health.

3.] The Great Reset is anything but great.

4.] The World Bank isn’t really a bank.

5.] The Federal Reserve is not federal, and has little (or nothing) by way of reserves.

Again, maybe we’re missing something.

Or perhaps we’re just not supposed to take these things so literally.


As you know, we are just days away from the most consequential runoff election in American history

In response, Mark Levin has an urgent warning that every citizen needs to see...[hope you watched his 1/3 Fox broadcast]




We need to enable/promote the widespread creation of patriot/freedom support groups.

NATIONAL STRIKE DAY to protest lockdowns & stolen election

Truckers & Law Enforcement should strike on Jan 20th for 2 weeks

Please share




"Defund the ATF" -- Conservatives and politicians push to get ATF defunded and dismantled for anti-gun policies and actions
Conservatives and other pro-Second Amendment activists in the United States are once again pushing for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) - long considered to be a very ..


Survival essentials: Sourcing, transporting and storing water after SHTF
Water is essential for survival. People know that truism well enough to keep their storage tanks full. Yet when SHTF, most of these tanks won't be big enough to last a year's worth of ...

PREPARE FOR WAR: After Jan. 6th, expect all hell to break loose across America

The obvious, overwhelming election theft by enemies of America will simply not be tolerated by patriots. It’s already apparent that literally millions of Americans are on the verge of activating their Second Amendment duty to defeat tyranny and save the republic, even if it means possibly dying in the process.


On this site, we have a lot of articles about skills. Basic skills, rare skills, survival skills, bushcraft skills, first aid skills, street fighting get the idea. But since most of you live in cities and will probably be in one during the next major disaster, the type of skills you'll want to focus on first is urban survival skills.


I could have included dozens of skills in this list, but I narrowed it down to eleven. Keep in mind that this list is by no means comprehensive, and they aren't listed in any particular order. Now on to the list.


1. Water Collection and Purification - Of course, the ability to collect and purify water is an invaluable wilderness survival skill. But finding and purifying water in the city comes with a completely different set of challenges...


11 Urban Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

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Patrick said...

Useful as always...I did see Levin's show last night. should be required viewing for real Americans. A resource he mentioned I find useful is
Happy New Year!

Max said...

Amen brother-thanks for all that you do.

Sid said...

We're in the fight for our lives & nation-thanks for your highly usable content!