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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

NO BUY ZONE against Amazon & other socialist vultures


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Now the greatest country on earth is being led by a cabal of corrupt leftists…

75 million conservatives should create a NO BUY ZONE against Amazon & other corporate anti-American vultures

 Today, I’m writing to call on you to defend America!

America’s great heritage is under attack from a cultural revolution of far-left extremists who are pushing their radical agenda in an attempt to break down all we cherish and know to be true. They sow the seeds of fear, disorder, violence, and hatred.

They use the powerful weapon of “cancel culture” to destroy any brave person who stands against them—getting that person fired and excommunicated from society just for disagreeing with them.

And they use your silence as consent and momentum to propel them forward, unopposed.

These radicals aim to rewrite history and destroy what you know to be true about our founding and American history. Why? To reshape it to fit their ideals.

Enough is enough.

We will find strength in numbers. We must band together to protect each other and our American heritage from “cancel culture”. Together, we are stronger and cannot be defeated by the angry horde.

For this reason, we've put together this pledge to stop the Left’s socialist agenda and are looking for 100,000 people to sign the pledge to defend the country they love.

Will you stand up for America’s heritage today? We are under attack, and we must band together to mount a strong enough defense to protect the truth about America for another generation.

Will you read the pledge and consider signing it today?

Use this link to sign your Pledge today:

At the very least keep in mind that When 74 million Trump supporters begin to boycott Apple, Google, Amazon,the PGA, etc. the squealing will begin!

Please also forward this post to anyone that you believe will stand alongside you and others within this community pledging itself to defend America today…


Protect the kindness in your heart. Stay firm in your desire for truth and justice. Rest well so that when the time comes, you can stand up for your principles with integrity and compassion.


Now the greatest country on earth is being led by a cabal of corrupt leftists…

The power Big Tech and Big Government now wield to censor, ban, and erase dissent and competition is unprecedented… and unstoppable.

(Or… is it?)

After all, they’ve got the backing of millions of Americans who cheer it on…

Believing they are, without a hint of irony, storming the beaches of Normandy.

Though many think they’re winning against the dark, evil forces of “Orange Hitler,” no side ultimately wins this gambit.

In the end, there will be only one side: The Nerdocracy.

And, unless you’ve got some pretty impressive connections, you won’t be in it. Only of it.

The Mask Slips

In the past few days, as you know, Trump was suspended from Twitter… along with 70,000 of his supporters. Parler, an alternative social media platform, was booted offline by Amazon.

Ron Paul was banned from Facebook. Youtube has long purged any content creators who dare speak about the election results (and ongoing lockdowns) in a negative light.

The list goes on.

Meanwhile, the facade -- that Big Tech’s only motivation is to serve our best interests (free, fair, and open!) -- is getting pretty thin.

There are also talks in the IMF of your internet search history being tied to your credit score, oddly similar to what’s already happening in technocratic China.]

It’s too early to tell how much these moves will backfire, but backfire they will. Twitter’s stock, as Collins pointed out, isn’t exactly a screaming buy right now.

Even Chancellor Merkel in Germany has blasted Twitter for permanently suspending Trump. And, as mentioned, Uganda has shut them down in the runup to their elections.

It would be a mistake to underestimate, at this juncture, the ability of the few to control the many. But all of this does indeed create some interesting opportunities.

Pressure, after all, is how nature creates the diamond.

Big picture, this will only accelerate a longstanding trend in our digital leaves -- decentralization. (You’ll know things are really heating up when “decentralization” is framed in the mass media as a dog whistle for a fascist techno-dictatorship. It’s coming.)

Bitcoin was the first shot across the bow. It revealed what’s possible. It poured a little bit of concrete into the idea, first presented by Bucky Fuller, that you can’t change an old, ragged system by fighting it head-on -- you change it by building new systems that force the old into obsolescence.

Today, even scientists are talking about what decentralized protocols could mean for their own highly-centralized fields.

Kevin McKernan, R&D lead for the Human Genome Project at MIT, wrote this just yesterday: “Fully transparent, Peer-to-Peer Peer-Review can be accomplished with blockchains and cryptocurrencies. There are 5-7 publishers that own all scientific journals. This is a captured system and needs decentralization and transparency to regain public trust.”

Thrive No Matter What

Whatever happens, we’re on the hunt to help you not only protect yourself from ongoing threats to your liberty, privacy, and financial freedom…

But also show you potential ways to profit from massively disruptive technologies… some of which could loosen the Nerdocracy’s reign. And one such disruption could, perhaps inadvertently, come from an unlikely source…

Thrive no matter what…

And click here for all of the details -- and learn how to profit from the next BIG wave of the Internet.

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

Boycott Amazon!


75 million conservatives should create a NO BUY ZONE against Amazon & other corporate anti-American vultures

The tech titans of Silicon Valley are all in lock step with each other again this week: Donald Trump must be silenced.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all of the big social media companies took away the President’s First Amendment rights.


And they got away with it.


Emboldened by their success, Silicon Valley has a new plan. Read all about what happened and what these free speech arbitrators are coming after next.


In March of 2019, an esteemed Australian economist made a startling prediction.

The official countdown to “economic Armageddon” had begun... and would likely hit the U.S. within the next 27 months.

And thus the doomsday clock started ticking.

22 months later... here we are.

But here’s the most remarkable part...

Another esteemed analyst has pinned down the DAY this “financial extinction event” could hit...

It’s the same analyst, by the way, who predicted the subprime mortgage meltdown… the financial crisis of 2008… and Brexit…

The date? January 15, 2021.

That’s right.... this Friday.

Why January 15? And what can you do before “Doom Friday” hits?

Click here for the full details.



In the past few months, ANTIFA has killed 255% more Americans in cold blood than this time last year

And this is just the beginning. With the recent riots, ANTIFA has grown bigger and more dangerous than ever before. 

They’re in every city and town -- quietly waiting for the right time, place, and victim to attack -- and they’re receiving millions in funding from George Soros and the liberal left. 

Worst of all... ANTIFA is expanding its list of primary targets for violence. 

They aren’t just targetting proud, right-wing activists in the streets. 

Now they’ve publicly admitted that they’re targeting “the average Trump voter” to instill as much fear in the population as possible. 

That basically means any person that looks like they’d vote against Biden


WARNING: Get With Your Family - Prepare Now...


If the rollercoaster year of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that people who prep aren’t as crazy as they’re made out to be. The idea of prepping can be easily misinterpreted, and introducing it to your family and friends can be difficult. Talking to them about prepping needs to be done with care. Here’s how:

Click to watch video

The first element to remember when introducing your family and friends to the world of prepping is to do so gradually. If you overwhelm them with ideas and facts about prepping, they’re less likely to take to the idea.

In the beginning, it’s probably best to avoid talking about national or global disasters such as nuclear warfare or an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. Keep it at a local level; discuss what possible disasters you face and how you can get ready for them.

Explain to your family and friends why you prepare and why they should as well. 2020 gave plenty of examples as to why everyone should become a prepper: civil unrest, a global pandemic and even borderline martial law.

Children should be involved as well. After all, you have to teach them young. Check out how you can teach your kids important survival skills.

Copyright 2021,



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Remember, spending burdens were climbing in most nations, leading to more red ink, even before the pandemic.

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Molly said...

We stopped using facebook more than a year ago & we've never patronized socialist Bezos/Amazon-Hope others take your advice & fight back!

Mark said...

your link online in a group promoting buy from Red State biz only-this info is great.

Anne said...

Our country is falling to evil people/organizations. the hypocrisy of the Left is nauseating. Blogs such as yours provides a breath of clean air but I'm getting depressed with the never-ending crap we see AND it's only going to get worse...what else can we do?

Mandy said...

Thanks for the STOP Socialism shirt-nice cotton & glad it's not made in China!

Kim said...

My Dad says freedom is dying under the Dem-Socialists. Seeing the censorship on social media leads me to believe it. My Dad fought against communism in Viet Nam & says we may have to fight again to defend America...he's right.

Samantha said...

Your pro-freedom stance is commendable...we're forwarding links to your post to our circle of patriots. God Bless You!