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Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Coming Dismantling of America by the 'Woke' Theocracy


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   Now that the coup-takeover of America is complete and all socialist media and politicians [here and from around the globe] are celebrating or whining about how the ‘mob’ Stormed the Bastille in DC…you know the ones who never condemned the rioting, looting, burning and killing by Marxist BLM and Antifa thugs…We can kiss America goodbye.

We’re taking bets on how quickly the gutting of our rights and our border will begin.

The Day of the Sheeple has arrived...

 The coming ‘woke’ American Theocracy

In a theocracy, the rules and rituals of the official state religion become pervasive in everything-- politics, education, business, news, entertainment, and even your daily routine-- regardless of whether or not you’re a believer… if you’re even allowed to be a non-believer.

In its own way, the United States (and much of the West) is rapidly becoming a theocracy where the woke leftist religion similarly pervades our daily lives.

We can already see it.

Just look at the education system, where schools and universities are indoctrinating young people into the virtues of Marxism, Critical Race Theory, and other woke pseudoscience topics.

Children are taught to view themselves as oppressors or victims, and to judge themselves (and others) not based on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin.

And even basic subjects are being radicalized.

The United States was founded in 1619. Biology is intolerant. 2 + 2 = 4 “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy”.

Entertainment is dominated by these same ideals. You can’t even watch a basketball game anymore without having a woke agenda thrust in your face.

And the mainstream media is clearly playing a major role in championing these principles to the public, including shaming of any intellectual dissent and burying information they don’t want you to see.

Big businesses have completely sold out to the wokists. Huge brands like Gillette wag their fingers at their own consumers, presuming that all men are sleazy, oppressive scumbags.

Tech companies which once stood for the free-flow of information are zealously censoring content.

And most large companies are now overtly prioritizing top executives and directors based on identity characteristics like race, sexual orientation, and gender, rather than talent and integrity.

(Ironically they all sing the praises of the Chinese Communist Party, which is conspicuously exempt from abiding by these fanatical woke principles.)

The wokist religion is invading daily life as well. You must participate in the rituals-- raise a fist in solidarity, say the names, support the peaceful protesters, etc.

Any dissent is greeted with rage and cancellation. Daring to utter the words ‘all lives matter’ can result in you losing your friends, your business, and your reputation.

You must use only the words that have been prescribed. For example, “women” has been replaced with “people who menstruate.”

(And you must feign OUTRAGE on social media when someone uses the incorrect words.)

This 1984-style language cleanse has become so ridiculous that even the word “pedophile” is being quietly replaced with “minor-attracted person” so as not to ‘unfairly’ stigmatize… the pedophiles.

This religion is also a major influence in government now.

Elected leaders rush to show their constituents how pious and virtuous they are, whether they’re kneeling in solidarity for a photo opp, or changing their own rules to banish gender-specific language in the House of Representatives.

And we saw last year how government policy has started to become driven by the supreme religious leaders, i.e. American Ayatollahs who wield extraordinary, unelected power.

They control a perpetually outraged Twitter mob through hashtags and memes. They get to tell people whose life does and doesn’t matter… who’s an oppressor and who’s a victim. And they rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in donations with zero oversight or transparency.

It’s important to point out that this new woke fanaticism is a polytheistic religion with many gods to exalt.

There are the cultural gods whose followers wage jihad peacefully protest against everything in their path-- monuments, buildings, and businesses run by infidel non-believers.

But there are also fanatics who worship Covid… or more appropriately, they worship the FEAR of Covid.

Theirs is a god of panic and outrage who demands strict obedience.

And they follow the commandment to terrorize anyone who isn’t afraid or commits the blasphemy of asking a rational question about the disease or a vaccine.

There are also the Marxist gods, whose worshipers demand you make a routine sacrifice of your hard work to the failed altar of Communism.

And there are plenty of other gods in the mix, like the Green gods whose devoted followers at the World Economic Forum want to eliminate cows and condition humans to eat weeds and “drink toilet water” because of climate change.

It is a busy religion indeed.

Bear in mind that I’m not talking about the future here; this fanaticism has already taken hold in the Land of the Free, and much of the West.

And given what’s happened over the past several days and weeks, there’s plenty of runway for those in power to hit the accelerator.

I know there are a lot of readers right now that are nervous, even scared. Your fears are well founded… these are truly bizarre times.

Just remember that human beings tend to make bad decisions when we’re emotional, especially when that emotion is fear.

Don’t do anything rash. This is not a time to panic. It’s a time to plan.

To your freedom,



Simon Black




People who say there were no irregularities in the vote fail to understand:

·         Dems have a long history of election fraud from Mayor Daley to Detroit & Tamany Hall

·         This computer system has well publicized cheating built into it

·         The statistical anomalies for the count defy probability

·         Globalist/Socialist money was poured into buying votes

How China is using the so-called people’s revolution to take America down…

“Unrestricted Warfare” the Chinese strategy to counter U.S. power- (translated by CIA ) lists Financial Warfare as a top strategy to achieve their 21st Century agenda of replacing the USA as top dog in the world. Aided by DC swamp rats & Biden, it’s a done deal.

GOAL: Destroy your enemy without firing a shot.  I foretold this in an early March issue of my PoorManSurvival blog.

China Is National Security Threat No. 1

Resisting Beijing’s attempt to reshape and dominate the world is the challenge of our generation.

Why We Fight

I love America very much, but my love for her is comprised of two different types of love. One is natural; the other is spiritual. First, I have a natural love for the USA, which I believe every person should possess for their homeland. Where this type of love is concerned, America will always be number one for me. Yes, I am a flag-waving patriot, with nationalistic pride and love for the USA.

The word patriot comes from the Greek word pater, which means “father”. A patriot is one who honors and embraces the heritage, visions, and ideals of their father/s. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob honors this principle; so should we. True patriotism connects us to our roots: past ideals, creeds, purposes, and covenants made with God and others. This connection makes history relevant, giving us benchmarks and boundaries from which to measure our present and future. In a literal sense, for one to say he or she is a “patriotic” American and not embrace the principles of our Founders, which includes allegiance to and partnership with God, is a contradiction in terms.

Another type of love for America, a spiritually rooted love, placed in me by God. In the year 2000, I experienced an encounter with Him through which He imparted to me His heart for America. God loves America. Having said that, I am under no delusion that He loves America more than other nations. He does not. Americans are not more important than Nigerians, the British, the French, or any other people group. God loves them all the same. “For God so loved the world…”

There are many swamp creatures with Republican affiliation. The real war we are fighting is for the spiritual soul and God-given destiny of our nation. This is why we fight!

Biden and those on the left do not want biblical principles, morals, and ideals controlling America. They reject our Christian roots, disagree with the standards and principles of scripture, and would find laughable my contention that God raised up America – and did so for the purpose I stated. They have completely dishonored and rejected him. Again, this is why we war over the elections – not for a man, but for God’s cause on the earth. As long as we keep this as our motivation, He will fight for us.

I should not limit my criticism only to those on the left, however. Many on the right – Republicans and conservatives – are unwilling to stand up and fight in this battle. They’re self-serving cowards.

When Robert Morris was faced with the monumental decision of whether or not to sign the Declaration of Independence, his brother vehemently warned him against it. The cost – life, fortune, perhaps family – would simply be too great. Morris’ response was one for the ages: “Damn the consequences, give me the pen.” Would that today’s members of the Supreme Court, members of Congress, Governors, Secretaries of State, and State Legislators had such unselfish, patriotic hearts. Some do, of course, but far too few. Perhaps others will one day discover the true American soul. For many, it is too late; they sold out to selfish ambition long ago.

Michigan Conservative Coalition  

500 N. Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake, MI 48390 


NOTE: I predict a high potential for civil chaos in the coming year as Biden & henchmen begin destroying our rights...the early picnic promised to sheeple will only last so long...


America's day of reckoning arrives: Expect mass betrayals from the establishment

America's day of reckoning has arrived, and today we expect to see total betrayals from VP Mike Pence and the US Congress, who will cede the election to Joe Biden even though they are fully aware of the overwhelming evidence of widespread election fraud.

In today's Situation Update, I cover the possible outcomes for today and lay out the remaining options for President Trump and the nation. We are watching the total corruption and final surrender of our republic.

Now, only Trump and We the People can save the nation. The DOJ, FBI, SCOTUS, Congress, courts and everyone else has proven to be criminal traitors who all need to be arrested and tried for treason.

See the full article and podcast here.



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Nancy said...

I'm with you-say goodbye to America...let's start a new country & we'll put you in charge.

Sandra said...

Sad, sad day for our country-it's apparent the Marxists have wib & leaders from all over applaud this. Our once beacon of freedom appears to be gone.

Desmond said...

We started taking your advice & have started our own prepper group-I think we have no choice.

David said...

This election/takeover of America is eerily similar to the Communist takeover of post-war Hungary. First they took control of the media, then schools & finally, they created false narratives if its leader & then rigged the election.

Chip said...

Got my Stop Socialism shirt today-nice! Has anyone else noticed the hypocrisy of media/Dems regarding the hyperventilating they do over those Trump supporters in DC vs. those BLM & Antifa criminals who burned & looted cities, killing cops for much of the summer-what a disconnect from reality especially given Cametoe Harris' raising cash for bail for these criminals...

Sandy said...

As you indicated-we're seeing mass betrayals; Sunshine Patriots.

Mindy said...

The left is pure poison to freedom!