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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Rustic Log Cabin Living, Socialist Sworn in


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Rustic Log Cabin Living on One Acre - Perfect Floor Plan for Families

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This four bedroom, three bathrooms, 2,523 square foot cabin building is a beauty. This recently renovated cabin building located in Sharpsburg, North Carolina has new flooring, new kitchen countertops, fresh exterior stain, new paint, new fixtures and more. The cabin building has a flex room, laundry room, three porches and sits on a one-acre lot. The beautiful cabin building recently sold for $131,500. You might look to this cabin building for some inspiration for a vacation home of your own, or maybe you are hoping to buy something similar. This cabin building is just one example of the sort of cabin buildings that is available.

The sort of cabin building that you end up buying or building will largely depend on your log house budget. Several factors will determine the price of your log house or wood cabin. One of the best ways to save money on your cabin building is to build at least some of the wood cabin yourself. The saving will come in the form of time and labor. If you have some building background and an understanding of basic construction, then you can realize there are good savings to be had. Many wood cabin kits come with detailed instructions so a few handymen may be able to get a small wood cabin built over several weekends. Your wood cabin producer should be able to point you in the right direction to find financing. Go off the grid. As part of your log cabin design planning, consider good alternative energy options and toilet facilities. Part of the planning your wood cabin is in the research that you do. By properly researching and planning for your log cabin design, you will save money, and have the cabin building you've dreamed about.

And put off what you can. Some things in your cabin building design don’t make sense to postpone, but when you can, leave rooms or wood cabin spaces unfinished until you can afford to finish them off. You might want to start by building two small decks off your cabin building and adding a larger one in the future. With good planning, and prioritizing you will match your wood cabin budget and have the space you need.

Designing and building a log house or wood cabin is a great way to ensure that your log house suits your family's lifestyle and needs. There are several steps you can take when considering your cabin building to get the house of your dreams. Properly planning your cabin building will also save you time and money throughout the log house build, and be on your way to realizing your beautifully designed log home. To start, you want to choose a building site on your plot of land. You can begin planning as soon as you purchase your plot. Study the site to determine the best spot to locate your log house. Hire a civil engineer or a land surveyor to help prepare a site plan that shows the property lines, building setbacks, the easements and rights of way, along with the location of trees, ponds, streams, roads and buildings on adjacent sites.



Is there any clearer instance of how an empire’s war-making against distant peoples eventually comes home and is turned on its own citizens?

The Democratic Party is the party of tolerance. We are told this with regularity. After all, the party tolerates — promotes, actually — deviant lifestyles, the murder of babies in the womb, legalized theft by government, general sloth by the populace, terrorists, big government, coercion, mob violence and thuggishness (workers unions), central planning (socialism and Marxism), and crony capitalism (which is essentially fascism).

What it doesn't tolerate is free speech. In fact, it goes to great lengths — even engaging in criminal activity — and great expense to ensure that dissenting views are squelched, particularly the views from the right.

The progressives' ideas of unlimited government and unlimited spending can't stand up to arguments against smaller government and liberty. So the leftists resort to thuggery, intimidation and the courts to silence their detractors. Trump supporters at the Capitol learned from the best.

That includes Susan Rosenberg. Have you heard of her? She's now called an "activist" and a "writer" by the lamestream media.

What she really is, is a domestic terrorist.

Scott Walter of the Capital Research Center wrote: "Rosenberg, who started out as a member of the 1960s revolutionary group Weather Underground, graduated into even more violent, and arguably successful, forms of terrorism in the 1970s and 1980s — including bombings at an FBI field office in Staten Island, the Navy Yard Officers' Club in Washington, D.C., and even the U.S. Capitol building."

Yes, in 1983, Rosenberg didn't protest at the Capitol and walk through a hall with a lectern or sit at Nancy Pelosi's desk. Rosenberg set off a huge bomb inside the U.S. Capitol building. She was caught in 1984 while unloading from her car and into a New Jersey storage unit hundreds of pounds of dynamite along with myriad guns. She went to prison for 16 years.

She was not a "political prisoner" as the Left would have you believe.

In the present day, she served as vice chair of the board of directors for Thousand Currents, an organization that provides fundraising and fiscal sponsorship for none other than… Black Lives Matter.

Project Veritas Exposes PBS as Radical Hate Media Org in Undercover Video

Reject Communism!  Sign n Share

America descending into an authoritarian police state under Dems, Biden


What to Expect in 2021: Madness, Mayhem, Manipulation and More Tyranny 

2020: The Year the Tree of Liberty Was Torched 


In a Pinch, a Car Battery Can Do More Than Start a Car.


The power is out, and you have no idea how long it will be before it returns. Hopefully, you have a lights out box and know how to survive a power outage. But did you know your car's battery can supply you with quick access to power?

 In fact, if the power is out for a long period of time, you could join together multiple car batteries to create a power bank. But you’ll have to do a little homework and some advance planning first...


How To Turn A Car Battery Into A Power Bank

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Stop Anti-Freedom Forces from Destroying America


STOP Being a victim of Socialist Grifters & Their Con Game!

They want to keep slaves in a state of perpetual poverty!

Take a stand against the destruction of the American


75 million conservatives should create a NO BUY ZONE against Amazon & other corporate anti-American vultures

The tech titans of Silicon Valley are all in lock step with each other again this week: Donald Trump must be silenced. [Add to this list: Kohls, Bed, Bath & Beyond]


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all of the big social media companies took away the President’s First Amendment rights.


Democrats Impose Chinese-Style “Social Credit Score” on Trump Supporters


What to Do When Your Package Doesn't Arrive

Online Places to Sell Your Old Stuff

A Nation Imploding: Digital Tyranny, Insurrection and Martial Law 

What to Expect in 2021: Madness, Mayhem, Manipulation and More Tyranny 

Free encrypted email service


WARNING: Get With Your Family - Prepare Now...


If the rollercoaster year of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that people who prep aren’t as crazy as they’re made out to be. The idea of prepping can be easily misinterpreted, and introducing it to your family and friends can be difficult. Talking to them about prepping needs to be done with care. Here’s how:

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Our phones are extremely important in a crisis.

They hold information and special functions that are essential for survival.

Essential information like important contacts, incoming public alerts, and they give us online access to survival strategies and life-saving techniques.

Your phone also has special functions like digital compasses, levels, and even the tiny flashlight that can be the difference between life or death in a crisis.

Your phone is that important, and should not be overlooked as an essential survival device.

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You Can’t Buy Life Insurance After You’re Dead

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A Smoking Frog Feature, Shallow Planet Production


Sam said...

Say goodbye America on this 'historic' day of infamy! Biden to waste no time undoing the good Trump has done via executive orders - plans to allow hoards of unvetted, welfare seeking illegals into the nation when jobs & tax dollars are already scarce.

Henry said...

America lost-Marxists won-welcome to Biden's amerika.

Mona said...

Pathetic Jan, the new Biden press secretary, couldn't wait to suck up to a dawning media; real stomach turner given how nasty the press corp was to Trump [despite him being the most open prez in decades]