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Monday, July 14, 2014

20 Creative uses for Pallets, 10 DIY Trail Mixes, Freebies & More


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20 Creative Ways to Reuse Pallets

If you have been on Pinterest over the last year or so, you might have seen several awesome items upcycled from pallets.


Some Pinterest projects can be recreated without special tools or machinery. A simple deconstruction of the pallet and some hammer and nails will be all that is need. However, some individuals have created highly detailed items.


Below, you will see what I’m referencing. I have included some simple and some not so simple pallet projects that you just may want to tackle.  Enjoy these as inspiration for your future DIY pallet projects.


See all the terrific projects here:






Storing Fresh Herbs

I don't like to take the time to dry herbs, but I found an easy way to store them that preserves their freshness. I take whatever herb I have and place it in an ice cube tray or small container. Then I fill it with bottled or filtered water and freeze. After they're frozen, I put them in a baggie and keep in the freezer for when I want them. Because their frozen in water, the herbs don't lose their flavor or get freezer burn. It's just a matter of pulling them out when I have a recipe calling for that herb. Sometimes I don't even thaw them before putting them in the dish.


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Uber Yard Sailing

Love to go yard sailing, but hate collecting all kinds of junk that you just have to put out at your own yard sale? Then do what I do. Each year, I choose one or two big items that I'd really like to find but won't buy retail. Those are the items that I hunt for as I yardsale.

It's not that I won't buy smaller items, but since I'm hunting for the big item, I don't feel bad walking away from a sale without buying anything. In fact, I can visit many sales on a Saturday morning and not spend a single cent!

When I do find my special item, I'm ready to act. This year, I was looking for a table lamp and shade for our great room. I saw one that I liked, but it was over $100 in the store! Last Saturday, I found one at a moving sale for $12. It was almost identical to the one I saw in the store! I was so happy that I didn't even try to negotiate a lower price!  >>Marisa



21 Healthier Trail Mix Recipes

Trail mix these days goes way beyond basic GORP (good old raisins and peanuts). From sweet to savory, there are thousands of combinations to appeal to any palate or snack craving. Combine any favorite (dry) ingredients and stash the mix in an airtight container in a cool, dry location to prevent spoilage, and you’re good to go.

Trail mix was invented (according to legend, in 1968 by Hadley Food Orchards) to be eaten while hiking or doing another strenuous activity. It’s lightweight, portable, and full of energy-dense ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate — perfect for trailside noshing. For those same reasons, trail mix can pack a hefty caloric punch, especially when we mindlessly munch while sitting around at work or home. Keep serving size to a quarter-cup or less to keep this yummy snack from sneaking into “dangerfood” territory.



Getting Rid of Snakes (aside from shooting them)

The best way to get rid of the snakes is to make sure your backyard is not snake heaven. Keep the clutter down. Make sure there are no piles of wood or leaves. You don't want anything they can nest in or hide under. You should keep the grass mowed, so they don't get comfortable hanging out in it. Also, take care of any rodent or insect problems quickly. If the snakes are migrating to your yard, they've probably got a good reason. A buffet line starring roaches and mice is one of the best.

Take a stroll around your house and inspect the foundation and the ventilation holes in the garage. If you see any holes bigger than about a quarter, then you've hung up an "apartment for rent" sign for the snakes. And, don't leave doors standing open…



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