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Friday, July 4, 2014

Declaring Your Independence, Preserving Freedom

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Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward.

-Patricia Sampson


Declaring Your Independence from Government: My annual 4th of July message about incompetence, dishonesty & preserving your independence.

What are you doing to help preserve freedom?


Our founders intended to create a society where freedom and liberty would be maximized, but that is not what America looks like today.  Instead, we live in a country that literally has millions of laws which are strangling economic growth and turning millions of people into criminals…Our government in many cases, has become the enemy of the people!

It seems to me that time is growing short. America has a toxic combination of corrupt politicians who have been in office too long and powerful Wall Street and other special interests which are ruining our nation.


In our nation right now, there are powerful institutions actively fighting to keep us all enslaved. Those include the government itself, the mainstream media and special interests on Wall Street or as I call it, the Washington-Wall Street Cartel.  Yes, they are just like drug cartels.


Everyone wants the opportunity for economic prosperity in a fair and just system where hard work and innovation is rewarded. Everybody is tired of the lies and oppression of corrupt politicians, evil corporations and the lying news media


 As tyrants become more bold, so too must the citizenry.

Americans are easily bamboozled by the armies of professional PR staff politicians use to lie to the American public.  Too many seem blind to our demise.


America is quickly splitting into two distinctly different groups of people: Those that live off a government guarantee, like government workers, greedy bankers and welfare recipients...and those who pay for it.


Too many of our cities are on the verge of collapse.  This is in large part because of poor and dishonest political leadership.  Corruption and democratic rule for 50 years in Detroit, for example, we find nearly half the citizens cannot afford running water. In an area with the largest body of fresh water on the planet, it has some of the highest water rates in the nation.  Michigan’s governor is helping to bail out government worker pensions from that city but hasn’t lifted a finger to remedy the water problem.


Nearly 10,000 city residents received water shutoff notices from the city and I find it sad that the United Nations is now publicly blasting the water situation in Michigan as a human rights violation.


(1) In New York, 1 in 6 families faces starvation. (2) The collapse of America into third-world conditions is happening so rapidly and unexpectedly that the United Nations may soon be called in to "rescue" city-dwellers. (3) Since 2001, America has suffered a loss of 56,000 manufacturing facilities (4), and southern towns are now being literally overrun by such a huge wave of undocumented immigrants that the Department of Homeland Security has declared a Level Four Alert.

An estimated 750,000 to nearly 1 million Americans are living off-the-grid. Interest in self-reliance is growing around the country in order to lessen — and if possible, cut — all dependences on the government and corporations, which have become bloated and increasingly more controlling.

Off-the-grid living doesn’t mean living in the dark ages ... it’s about being self-reliant. It’s about producing your own power, your own water system and septic. A few companies are now specializing in “green” modular homes that come with solar panels and complete battery back-up power in addition to water collection systems. They sell for around $80,000. The initial market was low-cost housing for third-world countries. But now, wealth Americans who worry about the state of U.S. affairs see these turnkey self-reliance solutions as a way to gain peace of mind.

America, by almost every measure, is declining…culturally, politically and economically.  Our freedoms and privacy are shrinking, and every week brings new law enforcement abuses to light.  Many feel that America is losing its identity and its middle class.

True to form, governments and corporations dislike any form of empowerment that allows us to break free of their control. A self-sustaining lifestyle cuts them out. It allows us to develop communities of like-minded folks who crave the hard work and freedom of taking care of themselves.

Carl Sagan, an American scientist and Ivy League professor said it best:

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

The Obama white House has used the Espionage Act against more whistleblowers and journalists and spied upon more journalists than any other President in history…

To me, knowing how to be self-reliant in a natural way is more important now than ever because, in the event of a shock to national or global supply chains, we’ll want to have peace of mind.

Americans are losing confidence in all three branches of the Federal government. Fewer than one in 10 citizens have faith in Congress, just 29 percent express confidence in the President and only 30 percent feel the Supreme Court is doing a good job.

The numbers, according to the Gallup polling agency, indicate historical lows in American confidence for both Congress and the Supreme Court, along with the lowest Presidential approval since Barack Obama took office.

We don’t need another election, We need another Revolution

This has become my battle cry for nearly 20 years and I get mighty angry when I see how fat, dumb and apathetic my fellow citizens have become.  Are you doing anything to preserve our heritage against public officials who seem hell bent on destroying our freedom?

The Poor Man offers some of the best self-sustaining, self reliance, how to be politically savvy and independent resources and holistic lifestyle solutions.  The majority of these resources are provided to you FREE of charge.  Each week our blog brings more of these resources to light.  Take advantage and subscribe using feedburner or one of our social networks! 

I also recommend watching segments of Bill Moyers…one of the few journalists who actually interviews people who are informed and critical of the never-ending BS which spews forth from the district of corruption…

I don’t know about you, but I am terribly tired of living in a land where intolerance in the supposed name of tolerance has become the rule and where government, at all levels, ignore the rule of law.

Our forefathers fought against a king whose taxes and other rules they could not abide by.  Today, the number of anti-freedom laws we have would choke most of those Patriots!

I believe we’re at a point for a major national reset in this country…it could go either way.  A complete meltdown initiated by the government including a declaration of martial law…OR, we could find that enough citizens have awakened to finally take action and stop reelecting the fools which have steered a nasty course for our nation.

Gallup Poll: Satisfaction With Their Freedoms Has Record Drop Among Americans

We have long discussed the erosion of civil liberties in the United States, including the attacks on privacy and other rights by the Obama Administration. It appears that we are not alone in those concerns. A new Gallup poll shows a record drop in the satisfaction of Americans over their freedoms.



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The Patriot Act, which few in Congress ever read prior to signing, is the single most anti-American, anti-freedom Act ever signed into law…

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