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Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY Rocket Stove, Effortless Greenhouse Containers, Solar Planter and More

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DIY Brick Rocket Stove

How can you stretch your cooking and heating fuel? Perhaps the best way is to build a  ”rocket stove,” a simple stove design that will allow you to get the most out of your resources.

The concept is simple, you create a vertical column that draws air into the bottom to fuel a highly efficient fire, exhausting through the top of the chimney, which serves as a cooking surface.

Whether it’s heating or cooking that you’re after, this stove will maximize efficiency.

The Simplest and Quickest Rocket Stove Design

Below, I’ve shared a design for what is perhaps the simplest, easiest to build rocket stove I’ve ever seen. It’s literally as simple as stacking 16 bricks.

The most difficult step, by far, is the process of breaking some of the bricks in half with a trowel. As you can see from the video, however, precision is not required. In fact, I’m pretty sure just about anyone could chop a brick as good as the man in the video has!



 Effortless Greenhouse Containers

People might go into cultivating their own plants, vegetables and herbs at home with the best of intentions, but those intentions don't cut it when it comes to keeping them alive; enter E. Green by Su Wen Yuan. It may look like a simple plastic container, but it happens to be a sophisticated and intuitive greenhouse that is effortless to use.

In fact, E. Green by Su Wen Yuan is as easy as filling it up, shutting it securely and forgetting all about it. As Yanko Design aptly puts it, "Sow seeds one day and find healthy saplings at the end of another. How awesome!" With minimum intervention needed, anyone can indulge in fresh produce at home


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The Solar Planter Puts Gardening on Auto-Pilot

Kevin Cheng may turn every man, woman and child on Earth into home gardeners with his Solar Planter. The Solar Planter makes keeping a plant at home a snap.

The Solar Planter practically does all the work for you. It collects moisture from the air to water the plants, and even records light and water data as the plant is growing to maximize its growing potential. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a Solar Planter in every home and a little green on every thumb.


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