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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Make Cash and Find Prepper Supplies at Auctions

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Get Prepper Supplies from Auctions…Make some cash!

   OVER the years I’ve made a fair amount of money buying and selling at auction and have managed to feed the ‘collector’ in me and have also purchased prepper items I need including propane & oil lanterns, guns and ammo, coins and silver and even MREs and dehydrated food stocks.

The auction I am attending this morning is also featuring used vehicles, farm equipment and hunting items!

I buy online and at local auctions.  I don’t use eBay much anymore due to dismal sales and hoards of stupid rules.  When I still lived in AZ we had an auction and liquidation company and rented space at an antique mall.  We also offered direct sales and appraisals (used mostly by insurance firms, the Phoenix police, bankruptcy court and the IRS).

I still conduct two auctions each year, selling off storage units which have been abandoned (yes, just like the Storage Wars television program).  It’s something I enjoy and can still make a few bucks without a lot of effort or overhead.

Recently, I bought a case of industrial sized rolls of toilet paper, the kind you see in public restrooms.  I paid $2 for it and it will likely last the two of us at least a year if and when the SHTF! (pun intended).

{How many of you have given any thought to what you will use for this necessity?  When I visited some ancient Roman barracks we found the garrison bathrooms still usable.  Our guide told us Roman soldiers used sponges attached to sticks to clean themselves.  Pity the slave charged with cleaning those]!

Have you ever thought about using auctions to buy and sell?  If you hook up with a local auctioneer and sell excess items in this fashion, you can make earn some cash and you don’t have to ship the items or worry about some buyer extorting you on eBay’s feedback and guaranteed refund system!

Just like anything else, you should attend a few auctions before getting involved on a regular buy/sell routine.  This will allow you to get the hang of how they work and a chance to meet the auctioneer and staff.  We’ve known a local auctioneer for several years and we use his services nearly every month to earn some extra cash and in some months, I spend more than I make (beware of auction fever…the competitive streak when you and another buyer want the same item and you wind up over bidding/paying for the item).

Auctions are a good way to pick up things you need at bargain prices and most of the time you do not need to pay sales taxes either (every state is different and you might consider getting a resale permit in your state as well –there is no charge for this-).


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Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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