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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Optimists Guide to 2020-Insane Things American Still Believe

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We are about to enter the decade of insanity, and our world will never be the same.

In today's feature article, I discuss 10 things that are completely false yet surprisingly widely accepted among millions of Americans as being true.

How can society function when millions of its members believe totally insane, crazy things that have no basis in reality? In truth, this society won't function for much longer for precisely this reason.

As we head into 2020…Consider the following:

U.S. corporations are now close to 10 trillion dollars in debt.

# Total corporate debt has now reached 47 percent of U.S. GDP.  That is the highest level in our history.

# Total U.S. household debt is about to cross the 14 trillion dollar mark.

There are a multitude of false assumptions out there on what the collapse of a nation or "empire" looks like. Modern day Americans have never experienced this type of event, only peripheral crises and crashes. Thanks to Hollywood, many in the public are under the delusion that a collapse is an overnight affair. They think that such a thing is impossible in their lifetimes, and if it did happen, it would happen as it does in the movies — they would simply wake up one morning and find the world on fire. Historically speaking, this is not how it works. The collapse of empires is a process, not an event.

This is not to say that there are not moments of shock and awe; there certainly are. As we witnessed during the Great Depression, or in 2008, the system can only be propped up artificially for so long before the bubble pops. In past instances of central bank intervention, the window for manipulation is around 10 years between events, give or take a couple of years.


The modern world has brought with it a wide range of conveniences that have made life much easier for those fortunate enough to live in a wealthy country. However, these conveniences also mean that a majority of people have forgotten skills that were once basic necessities for survival.

 Now, in the event of a major collapse, there are a number of skills that most people will need to relearn in order to survive. If you would like to get a head start on mastering the skills you will need to know following a major disaster, check out these basic skills that most people will be forced to learn after the collapse.

 1. Animal Husbandry - Growing a garden is a great way to put food on the table, but if you want more than a vegan diet, then animal husbandry is a skill that you will need to know...

Having a large food stockpile is one of the main goals of every prepper. Unfortunately, many newbies think that all they have to do is run to the store and fill a cart with canned foods. This is a costly mistake. You need to take some time to figure out what foods to store and exactly how to store them.

 Most of my readers already know the basics of emergency food storage, but I also have quite a few readers who are just getting started--people who have never used any food storage methods other than their refrigerator. This guide is my attempt to help them get started, and it's also a good refresher for more experienced preppers.

 By the end of this guide, you will know the basics of food storage so you can start stockpiling the right foods in the right places to ensure your family has something to eat after a major disaster...

Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’



And change your financial future.

Yes, this is the most obvious thing to buy at a drugstore, but it turns out you can get prescription drugs for a less at big-box stores like Costco or Walmart, according to Consumer Reports. “Big-box stores such as Costco and Walmart use the pharmacy as a traffic builder for their stores, whereas traditional chain stores, such as CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, make the majority of their revenue and profits from the pharmacy,” Stephen W. Schondelmeyer, PhD, PharmD, said. Check out these things you should always buy at big-box stores.

Scheme to Jail Licensed Gun Owners Who Resist Confiscation
It doesn't get much worst for law-abiding gun owners than having an out-of-control anti-Second Amendment zealot - and documented racist - using the power of his office in an unconstitutional assault against a segment of its citizenry. ...Read More Here


>Populism. War. Pollution. Since 2014, Bloomberg’s Pessimist’s Guide has imagined a roadmap of the world’s coming worries. But this year, you can open up the newspaper on any given day and get all the negative news you need.
Are things really that bad? We don’t think so. This year, we’ve decided to take a different approach. Science, technology and changing social attitudes can plant the seeds for a brighter world. So instead of looking at what could go wrong, we’re asking you to look at what could go right.

Yes, it’s up to us to protect ourselves, since there are no federal laws that actually do it. Europe has been far ahead on privacy with its General Data Protection Regulation, but things will finally start to change for Californians like me when the California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect next week.


“There is growing concern that after the 2020 election there could be massive, long-lasting civil unrest if people say, ‘Hey, I don’t buy the new president, I don’t recognize him or her,’” said Miller, who has added “civil war” to his risk scenarios.

Skeptics said Fortitude Ranch was preparing for catastrophic events that were unlikely and possibly not worth surviving.


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Bob said...

A remarkable year indeed-wishing you a terrific 2020. Look forward to more of your posts!

Frank said...

Love it-I'm optimistic Trump will win again big time in 2020!

Tim said...

We're optimistic over the Trump economy which has been good for our family & friends...pray that it continues! Happy New Year!