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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Be Prepared: Supplies You Will Need to Stockpile-Now!

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The photos show up in the media just before or just after every sort of disaster. We see images of people lining up to buy emergency supplies. We also see “sold out” signs and rows of empty supermarket shelves.

 Clearly, the time to stock up on these items is not when you need them, but well before you need them. If you are embracing a preparedness lifestyle, you already know you need to plan ahead to protect your family. You certainly don’t want to be one of those people wasting time and precious resources trying to find survival items at the last minute.

 Whether it's a natural disaster such as a hurricane or an earthquake, or a human-made emergency such as an act of war, most essential items will disappear quickly from store shelves. (In many crisis situations, stores may not even be open to serve the public.) As you build your emergency pantry, here are 50 items to consider stocking up on now – before it is too late... 


The Supplies You Need To Stockpile For TEOTWAWKI

 There are a lot of things you could stash away but what are the items that will be most in demand in a TEOTWAWKI situation? The answer to that is pretty obvious in some ways but there are definitely some … Continued



Be Prepared!  A lesson which is lost on many!

Despite many disasters over the years, often we find people who never seem to stockpile  household supplies, food or an emergency fund of cash.

 Even with the enormous ‘relief’ bill pending…

America is in the midst of the largest balancing act ever attempted.

An economy that was the world’s envy just a few weeks ago could now be headed into dire straits, according to economists.


Here it is, the ultimate list of bug out bag items! Now to be clear, this is not a checklist. It would be very difficult to squeeze every one of these items into a single bag, nor should you. Rather, it is a list of suggested items from which you could create any number of awesome bug out bag configurations.

 There are countless bug out bag lists on the Internet, but since everyone's needs vary depending on who they are and where they live, you're better off coming up with your own list. The purpose of this post is to make that as easy as possible. Before we get to the list, here are a few tips you should keep in mind when packing your bag...

 Get a High-Quality Bag - Make sure you use a bag that is durable and large enough, with multiple compartments and a frame. For more info, check out these 5 things to consider when choosing a bug out bag...




Federal and State Agencies Advise
You Get Emergency Radio!

Staying informed could be a matter of life and death


Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’



President Trump on Tuesday sought to gird the nation for a grim reality that will set in as the coronavirus pandemic stretches to every corner of the United States.

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