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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Prepping when no supplies are left, 20 Questions about the 'stimulus' check, More

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How to Prep When There Are No Supplies Left to Buy

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  …From a fellow in S. Africa where a lockdown has been recently implemented:

Although I am not an economist or a social scientist, I have practiced the craft of intelligence for several years. My job is to connect the dots.

Here goes:

1. During the Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s, the Japanese used its bio weapons of shingella and the plague against the Chinese.

This was not the first time that China had experienced the effects of bio weapons.

The British had used opium to great effect during the 1860s. Not a bio weapon specifically, but certainly a weapon of mass disruption which created more than 20 million addicts at the time.

2. After WW2, China started its industrialisation programme.

They also started a bio defence programme.

In 1985, they signed an international bio weapons treaty, confirming that they were now a fully-fledged manufacturer of bio weapons.

The Chinese insisted that such production was for defence purposes, although their programme was spread across more than 50 centres throughout the country.

3. In the 1990s, Chinese weapons sales took a dive because the Gulf War had demonstrated the superiority of US weaponry and technology. The Chinese looked at other weapons to fill the gap.

4. Soon, the Chinese started exporting their bio weapons technology to Iran and other pariah States in the Middle East.

5. In 2003, a coronavirus outbreak named SARS occurred in a province in Southern China.

A vaccine was found and the spread of the disease was controlled. The incident looks remarkably like a test case.

6. In 2005, following the Second Gulf War, genuine Intelligence reports indicated that China had transferred bio weapons technology to Iran and continued to do so until at least 2010.

7. In 2013, a coronavirus outbreak named MERS occurred in Iran, although the first case was recorded in neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

The disease was lethal and the true number of deaths was not released.

Interestingly, no figures about the rate of infection were broadcast to the world population.

Another controlled test case?

8. In 2019, a coronavirus outbreak named COVID occurred in another province in China.

The locations of both coronavirus outbreaks in China (2003 and 2019) were in places that had bio weapons labs called Institutes of Virology.

Apparently, the head of the Institute in Wuhan had spent a decade at the University of North Carolina studying the coronavirus.

9. The spread of COVID-19 in China was contained with a loss of life similar to the number of US deaths on 9/11.

Initially, reported infection rates were high, although no Victim X was ever identified.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world has followed the similar protocol of lock down (Wuhan has a population of 11 million) but extended it countrywide.

The economies of some of these countries are fragile and upheld largely by cheap Chinese imports.

Think of this as using Rohyphnol on a victim before raping them.

10. Consider that there are three types of warfare: conventional, asymmetrical and CBRN.

The Chinese could not take on the US using the first two and lacked the Chemical, Radiological and Nuclear (CRN) capabilities of the third option.

But it had the Biological capabilities.

Therefore, a reasonable conclusion is that China is waging a war against other economies using a weapon of mass disruption.

By understanding this, we can do more than wash our hands of the problem.

Next steps...

1. Send Chinese American intelligence agents back to China to find the smoking gun- proving intent.

2. Hostile takeover of all US firms with more than 20% Chinese equity.

3. Replace Chinese manufacturers with a beneficiation programme in Africa.

The continent has the land, the resources and a cost-effective community based workforce. Many local managers are English or French speaking.

4. Create a robust supply chain within Africa with shipments by sea and air to all points of the globe, except China.

5. Isolate China diplomatically and cancel all trade agreements. Force the country into isolation.

6. Repurpose a flu vaccine to restore public confidence, even if a placebo.

In other words, the US should retaliate economically and social media to be used to encourage people to stop panicking.

No one wants a population of beggars reaching out with really clean hands.

Keep safe, Sanitize and Weaponise."

Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


With that in mind…make use of the following resources!

Your 2020 Stimulus Check: How Much? When? And Other Questions Answered

People have a lot of questions about the economic stimulus checks that will be mailed soon. We have answers.

The checks, which are nontaxable, will be based on 2019 tax returns if they’ve already been filed (though the deadline has been delayed to July 15), and for those who have yet to send in their returns, 2018 figures. The checks are based on all income, which means retirees, Social Security and those who claim other benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income, are eligible. The government can use a beneficiary’s Social Security statements to calculate the check amount if a person did not file taxes — and send the check based on the information on file, according to AARP.

Deep State Making Money Off American’s Misery



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Don said...

Like the piece from S Africa...

Molly said...

Number One killer in USA is heart disease w/ 1,200 on average passing each day. The virus numbers touted by the media are distorted at best to instill fear. We're waiting for them to put a doomsday style clock on all news outlets to further the fear.

Mandy said...

Great info but this whole scenario makes me think there's 'more to the story' than what our government is letting on. Was this, as has been suggested, a purposeful attack from China? Most everyone I know feels Trump is doing an outstanding job given the ever-changing story. We pray for his continued guidance.

Fran said...

Terrific info & resources. Shared w/ our group!

Nan said...

Great resources & timely-