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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Barter Making a Comeback, More Resources

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Barter Making a Comeback, More Resources

Over the weekend, my wife was on Facebook.

And, she’s part of some local group. (I have no idea what it is, since I hardly ever get on Facebook.)

A woman posted on Facebook that she really needed some eggs.

In return, she would trade some toilet paper.

But, not just any toilet paper, the ginormous industry rolls you find at the airport and other locations.

Very shortly after her post, this woman had over 15 replies from people who were more than happy to trade eggs for TP.

I’m sure there will be a bunch of posts similar to this over the coming days.

Human beings are resourceful and quickly adapt.

This is another reason to have a ton of supplies and backups for everything.

You can use for bartering…


Water filters

Medical Items


Alcohol (I don’t drink so I don’t have any of this)

Gold and silver coins


And so on. (This complimentary DVD shows you a bunch of gear you can barter.)

I personally don’t need anything and don’t need to barter… but you never know.

(When I see the post for 20,000 rounds of .223 needed, I’ll be ready to go.)

So, get creative and think outside the box in the current environment.

And, don’t forget to take care of those in need.

One of the main reasons to have a boatload of supplies is so you can give them away to others and help your neighbors.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

This week I bartered locally a few of my electrical power saving devices for one-ounce silver rounds…

How to start a neighborhood barter club


How Bartering Works


Yours for saner living,

Bruce, the Poor Man!


A Final Note…

Five-gallon bucket projects are a great way to upcycle old buckets, reuse items you have laying around, and create something new and useful. These projects are great whether you are an experienced DIYer, homesteader, or just someone looking for something to do.

 If you’ve got a bucket and a little time, you’ll want to try one of these projects for your home, homestead, or backyard. If you don’t have a bucket, keep reading to find out how you can get them cheap or free.

 Hydroponics can be an expensive venture, however, you can painlessly get your toes wet with indoor growing with just a five-gallon bucket, a pond pump, and a couple of other easy-to-find items. You’ll need a bucket with a lid, some three-inch pots, your pond pump, a dripline, and a drip manifold, all of which you could find at Home Depot or a similar store...

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Today's article may truly frighten you. I wrote it after people were calling me, explaining how they believed they were "fully prepared" with their 2-3 weeks of food. One person told me he had 30 days of food "just in case of the worst, worst case scenario."

I didn't have the heart to tell them they're probably already dead. Anyone who has just 2-3 weeks of food will find themselves in a dire survival situation very soon as society collapses around them.

Eventually, the people who run out of food will turn to cannibalism and other horrifying things I dare not mention in this email.


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JB said...

I've always enjoyed bartering; have done it since I was a kid & even in business we belonged to a national barter exchange.

Roger said...

Per an 80-year-old radio caller: "Gov't is pushing fear & panic, not wonder there's no TP-hell, if I ran out, I still have two fingers." Had to share this-plus we saw a lady on twitter offering to barter various household goods for TP; wanted to meet at store parking lot in her city.

Bob said...

Given the massive 'Christmas' deal/bailout package looming, Dems have effectively slit our collective throats...