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Monday, March 9, 2020

Protecting Your Personal Privacy-Data, Useful Resource Update

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Protecting Your Personal Data

   The growth of hacking of personal data, including your private banking information, has grown and you need to stay on guard [even though most under 30 have little interest in protecting their privacy]…once your information is stolen and become a part of a crime, many challenges will usually follow.

Some of these challenges can be mitigated if you have a Lifelock membership [free wither your AAA membership]…

The dark web offers up a wide ranging menu for data thieves including social security numbers [the keys to ID Theft kingdom –[it’s scary that our own government makes use of this number almost mandatory for everything we do in life], credit card information, and other personal data.

Here are some tips to safeguard your privacy:

·         Block Access-freeze your accounts at credit bureaus [Transunion, Experian, and Equifax].

·         Monitor your information by routinely reviewing your activity [CreditKarma is useful for this and it is free].

·         Watch for Ride-Alongs-log onto your credit card account and search for “add authorized user” to see who’s linked to your card…call customer service if not found online.


Yours for a Socialist-Free America!

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’




A survival garden is more than just a typical garden. Your survival garden is meant to sustain your family, in particular during a crisis of some kind. When that happens, no one wants to wait 100+ days for food to serve their family.

 That’s why you want to plant fast-growing vegetables for your survival garden. These vegetables can produce a harvest in as little as four weeks, and they give your family fresh greens to eat as you wait for the abundant harvest at the end of the growing season.

 Before you pick out your vegetables, I have a few suggestions. Planning is the crucial key to success with gardening, but it’s often overlooked because we want to dive into the dirt. If you want to get into the dirt AND have a harvest, make sure you consider these factors...

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Just recently, removed more than one million product listings from its website due to price gouging related to the Coronavirus or COVID19. Pictures from Seattle, Italy, and Hong Kong show bare store shelves as panic buying takes hold. One of the recent examples of hoarding and price gouging is in the category of hand sanitizers.

 While both the CDC and the World Health Organization recommend hand washing as the primary way to prevent the spread of COVID19, they also recommend hand sanitizers when hand washing is not possible. It’s a good idea, and now everybody is buying them.

 The other recommendation from the CDC and WHO is to disinfect surfaces that people frequently contact. As you would suspect, surface disinfectants are starting to disappear from store shelves as well...

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There is no doubt that the recent Coronovirus outbreak will affect online sales, but before we get commercial, may I recommend that all sellers keep the victims in their thoughts and prayers The most prominent effect on online sellers will be an increase in sales for the following reasons: ·            Continue Reading

Amazon and eBay are facing criticism over allegations of price gouging by sellers for items such as face masks and hand sanitizers.  [We’re giving away anti-virus kits at our office].

eBay Bans All Masks Regardless of Virus Claims

eBay is banning listings associated with COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, over concerns they may violate US regulations and eBay policies.

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Sam said...

Thanks for the updates; glad to see you're not fixated on the fad virus like so many in the's as if they have a non-stop death watch while ignoring the THOUSANDS who die from flue. Just nuts on their effort to instill panic. I've not seen a single person where I live who seems to care about this virus. Stores are packed and not a single face mask in sight!

Marie said...

Interesting but my experience tells me the majority of people under 30 don't value their privacy or even anything akin to preppers; they're a sad lot.

Cindy said...

Something all people can do to help protect their privacy is to dump their 'smart' phone. It allows thieves & government agents to track your every move.