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Monday, March 2, 2020

Corona Virus: Don't Panic & Our Best Advice

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The coronavirus, with the havoc it's wreaking on global trade, may just be proving to be the "black swan" pin that pops the market's bubble. The sharp swoon we've seen over the past week has been historic: it's the fastest 10%+ drop in the S&P 500's history.

I worry more about the fear and panic pushed by media and leftists than I do the actual virus.  The White House has acted quickly and responsibly but the situation has been politicized which benefits no one.  Obviously, the stock market has already started its panic mode, which effectively has a domino effect.

AMAC poll this week indicates most others feel the same way-the media and the Left are trying to capitalize on this and somehow smear Trump…the old ‘never let a crisis go to waste,’ mantra.

To reiterate our guidance: the time to prepare -- physically and financially -- is NOW. As China, Italy, South Korea, Iran and other countries are showing us, a government lockdown happens swiftly, slamming shut your window to act. Use the time you still have as the precious gift it is, and strengthen your preparations.

Where propaganda peddlers used to call us "paranoid," now they argue that "our prepping won't save us..." or they are "coming to take our supplies..." That's quite a 180-degree flip-flop. As preppers and alternative economists are proven more and more right every day, the narrative has changed from telling us we're wrong to telling us we will be sorry for being right.

Well, I'm not sorry for being right and neither should any other liberty analyst or preparedness advocate. I believe the information we have provided to millions of people has encouraged them to remain vigilant and ready for crisis, and hopefully this will keep them alive in the future.

The Item Costco Just Sold Out Of Online Tells You Just How Bad Fears Of Coronavirus In The United States Are Getting

It's completely insane. While all the other countries in the world are begging their citizens to buy masks, use hand sanitizers, get backup supplies of food and get ready for the pandemic,  administration officials are condemning Americans who acquire preparedness supplies.

We've truly reached the point of complete insanity among Washington bureaucrats as they actively order people to stop getting prepared.


-Corona Virus-our advice-

No doubt the fears of possible coronavirus outbreaks in your community have you wondering if you should be proactive and pick up a few extra items at the store for good measure.

I am a big believer in rotating my food storage supply so that we always have a 
foundation to rely on during troubled times. The best place to start is in your kitchen. Chances are, you may already have the beginnings of a solid emergency food pantry. While you are doing an inventory of your food and supplies, make a list of items you need to restock or purchase.

When you are ready to run to the store, the best advice I can offer you is to stick to the classics and build upon your supply. We like to err on the side of caution when it comes to emergencies and with fears of coronavirus outbreaks close to our community, we decided to pick up a few items to have on hand to reduce our need to run to the store in the coming weeks.

Let’s be honest, 
preparing for the possibility of a pandemic is no easy feat! Here are some of the basics we stocked up on. Keep in mind, this is a basic supply list and is by no means complete. You can find a more extensive preparedness list here. 

READ MORE: 15 Easy-To-Find Foods to Start Your Emergency Food Supply


 Useful tips:

     1. Don't panic. It doesn't help anyone, and this situation doesn't warrant it.

     2. Be prepared for some disruption to regular life if it spreads in the US. 

     3. If it does spread, try to avoid going to the hospital in this period unless absolutely critical, particularly if you're a high risk segment (over 55 or have existing health conditions)

     4. Stock up on food, water, medical supplies, and other essentials. Be prepared for a couple of weeks of hunkering down in one place.

     5. Don't go crazy and buy everything in sight at the grocery store.  Given the relatively low lethality of the disease, mass panic is the worst outcome. Don't contribute to it.

 6. Avoid people who have the flue/colds, wash hands frequently, use your elbow when sneezing and avoid large public gatherings [music, sports, etc.]

 If you want a survival food stockpile, there are many places online where you can get food with extremely long (25 year) shelf life in bulk. Buy once and you can cross it off your list until it gets eaten.

Shipping times are longer right now, and some products are sold out due to the panic - but this will only get worse if the virus spreads more, so it makes sense to build a decent stockpile ASAP.

The first US cases of coronavirus have been confirmed...

...and it's started to spread from person-to-person.
But there's something they're not telling you about the Chinese coronavirus epidemic...
And it's HUGE for seniors.
Click here to see the disturbing truth about the coronavirus (that they're not telling us).

Be safe,
Dr. Allan Spreen, MD


Yours for a Free Nation,

Bruce ‘The Poor Man’


Other Bits n Pieces

One of my favorite Youtube channels is The Modern Survivalist. It's run by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre, and man who survived the 2001 economic collapse in Argentina.

 In the video below, he talks about the top 5 goals you should set as a prepper. Here's a quick summary...

 1. Get in Physical Shape - This isn’t about becoming an elite athlete but about being healthy with a reasonable body weight and a good level of cardiovascular endurance. It’s essential to stay in shape due to the possibility of having to run or do some physical labor during a disaster...

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