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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Shipping Container Becomes tiny Backyard Home

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Shipping Container Becomes Fabulous Backyard Tiny Home


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If we want to save the environment, then we need to get used to recycling and reusing as many things as possible. That includes building materials and structures that could be used as building materials like shipping containers for example. Shipping containers are usually used to transport goods from overseas to North America, but it turns out that they are very useful for other purposes too. That includes being used as building materials for homes, cottages, sheds and more. They are also being used in commercial construction as well, and there are even coffee shops being designed out of shipping containers as well as offices and more.

Some construction companies even use them as the pass-throughs when they're working on large city projects. If you're considering building a home out of shipping containers, you can purchase them from various places for around $3,500 or so depending on where you're buying them. Otherwise, you can hire a company like Back Country Containers to create your own custom container home.

Back Country Containers started their business with a 20-foot shipping container. Since Jon Meier, the founder of Back Country Containers has always enjoyed problem-solving and a good challenge, he saw shipping containers as a great source of inspiration and materials for homes. Jon is an , and when he was working as an aeronautical engineer, he became enthralled with tiny houses. So he paired his newfound interest with his talents and skills, and Back Country Containers was born.

He was able to quit his job and built the first container home. His wife Kristen is a talented decorator, and so they work together to create beautiful and stylish homes. Their first shipping container home was a 20-foot long blue shipping container that became very popular right away and started them out on their new journey. So they teamed up with other family members to create the perfect container home building business. They also started to build larger homes too which can be a lot of fun when using shipping containers as the base. Almost like working with building blocks or lego.

They will build each container home especially to suit the client's needs, and they can use a combination of 20 foot and 40-foot containers to create the home. Mostly working within Texas, but they'll also go elsewhere too. Each home will be placed on a foundation such as a slab foundation, concrete block, railroad ties or a concrete pier foundation. They recommend a concrete pier foundation. Each of the homes like the one you see here includes the best insulation which is closed cell foam spray insulation. This ensures that the home will keep a regulated temperature even if it's hot or cold.
Plumbing is also set up and then hooked up to the city pipes. They can also set up off-grid plumbing and a grey water system too. They will also hook up the electric to city power, or for off-grid living with a generator or solar power. This particular tiny house they created from a shipping container looks great with a roof-top patio and a little deck built on the front too. Inside, the home is very modern and comfortable with a great living room that has a double sided fireplace. There's also the awesome kitchen with full-sized stainless steel appliances and an island with seating. Barn doors close off the bedroom and the bathroom for privacy, and there are little nooks for sitting and for doing work. The rooftop patio is one of the highlights of this design; there's even a mini garden up there.


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I've seen rail road caboose homes too & each are interesting.

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Interesting read & I too enjoyed the current Mark Levin interview!