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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Coping with a Depression, Martial Law Guide

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Many Americans lost everything in the Great Depression… many still were scarred for life…Plus, a Guide to Coping w/ Martial Law!

Life was rough.

And, no surprise, politicians and banksters made it rougher.

Fear is one of the strongest of human emotions. It's the go-to emotion when the elites want to exert more control or simply to distract your attention.

So when government men tell you we're on the verge of a pandemic that will alter life as we know it and then begin clamping down your liberties in order to alter life as we know it and the people comply by passively accepting the changes and making runs on toilet paper and hand sanitizers, the government has you right it where it wants you.

Governments rule by deception. Otherwise they could not rule at all. Governments use economic, social, moral and legal fictions to twist rational thought into self-sacrifice and the destruction of individualism. Men, by nature, do not willingly volunteer their property, their labor and their being into servitude. But they are manipulated by an esoteric system based upon word manipulation.

The upshot of this period, however, was it instilled in many Americans values that proved useful.

To name a few…

Self-reliance, frugality, hard work, community, mutual aid, charity, individual ingenuity….

And, most importantly, deferred gratification.

Recessions don’t just serve to reallocate wealth to more productive areas of growth…

There’s a psychological aspect as well.

In a healthy downturn, things slow down just enough for people to reflect and reevaluate and come together… without breaking their backs completely.

The emphasis on competition ticks over slightly to cooperation… and balance restores itself.

Recessions serve as a natural and seasonal mindset adjustment… as nature has always intended.

All animals must adapt to “winter time” after a hot and vibrant period of growth.

Hubris makes us think we’re different.

So what happens when we try to force the sun to keep shining?

Fast-forward to 2008…

Endless Summer Parties

In 2008, similarly, Americans took a MASSIVE hit.

People lost homes and jobs.

Many of them couldn’t find work for months.

Few emerged without scars.

Except this time, the economy received no shortage of “juice” in the form of cheap money.

Rather than the economy adapting to the pullback and retracting…

Americans pulled out their credit cards and spent their way through the downturn.

Rather than debts getting paid off, they ballooned even bigger.

Rather than delay gratification, our lust (and addiction) to insta-gratification became even stronger.

Cheap money created an environment where efficiency and mindless consumption trumped fiscal sustainability.

And the wild beast became so fragile that all it would take was a shock… any shock would do… to start seeing cascading failures in the system…

And the masses -- left and right alike -- would eventually be united in their calls for one thing:

Bail Out Everyone!

“Bail out workers,” Jordan Weissmann writes in his Moneybox article Bail Out Everyone.

“Bail out families. Bail out states. Bail out businesses. Do it now.”

And Trump Bucks are coming.

Of the potential bailouts (requests and proposals), we’re looking at…

Banks: $2.5 TRILLION
Airlines: $50 Billion
Amazon: $5 Billion
Elon Musk: $5 Billion
Hotels: $150 Billion
Restaurants: $145 Billion
Manufacturers: $1.4 TRILLION
Malls: $1 TRILLION (Ha!)
Beer and Candy: $5 Billion
American Citizens: $4.3 TRILLION

This is, by the way, without even mentioning the effects the virus is going to have on mental health… the healthcare system… and the day to day lives of every single American alive today.

How bad could it get?

How to start a neighborhood barter club

BREAKING OVERNIGHT: "Negotiators strike deal on massive coronavirus rescue package," by Andrew Desiderio, Melanie Zanona and Sarah Ferris: "Senate leaders and the Trump administration clinched a bipartisan deal early Wednesday morning on a nearly $2 trillion emergency relief package in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a move intended to assist businesses and millions of Americans amid an unprecedented halt in the U.S. economy.

Tom Cotton Unleashes a Brutal Thread Showing Exactly What Democrats Are Doing

Dems want to ditch paper currency so Americans will be easier to track!

Yours for saner living,

Bruce, the Poor Man!


A Final Note…

It’s not every day the police announce that they will no longer be doing their jobs. So when it does happen, it tends to cause some chaos, to say the very least.

It may be hard to believe, but that is precisely what the Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania declared on Tuesday.


With the Coronavirus sweeping the globe, we are beginning to see fundamental changes to our daily lives Towns are shut down, and roads are empty. In many places, there have been orders to stay indoors under the penalty of law.

 Without so much as a vote, we have seen a portion of the bill of rights disappear overnight. Freedom of assembly, travel, and association are gone. Meaningless if they can be so readily taken away.

 We have all witnessed just how fast things can change when society feels itself in danger. The order of things, the world we thought unchangeable, shifted under our feet in a matter of weeks...

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Norm said...

Both my parents went through the Great Depression & I feel their generation came out much stronger & self reliant than today's young people. I fear for them as they're so used to being coddled.

Cory said...

Excellent resources!

Marie said...

I feel bad for the many Americans put out of work through no fault of their own. I think many governors may have gone overboard, stopping all commerce without thinking through the consequences.

Sam said...

Martial law may be necessary once citizens learn their $1200 checks must be repaid back to 'their' gov't!