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Monday, March 23, 2020

More Pandemic Preparedness Tips & Resources

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More Pandemic Preparedness Tips & Resources


Is it possible or plausible that this virus was developed in China and Wuhan was the test city?

- Jack H

Answer: Yes, that is 100% possible. The Chinese have plenty of labs and have a robust biowarfare program. Also, as history has shown, they really don’t care about their people and treat them like crap. (As all Communist governments do.)

“Unrestricted Warfare” the Chinese strategy to counter U.S. power- (translated by CIA ) lists Financial Warfare as a top strategy to achieve their 21st Century agenda of replacing the USA as top dog in the world.

A government-connected source told me two years what would happen in 2020, and the spooky thing is that I wrote it all down in 2017 on the NN website.

Now, reading that article is like peering into a roadmap of everything we're seeing happen right now, including quarantined cities, food supply disruptions, National Guard deployment and more.

Also today: The battle for Los Angeles is lost. LA County just told doctors to stop testing for the coronavirus, claiming the oubreak is beyond containment.

Nothing can stop it. The entire LA region will be exposed. They're not even trying to quarantine or isolate people anymore... not even trying to test to find out who's infected.

Finally today: A few hours ago when I posted this story, there were 24,000 confirmed infections in the USA and 288 deaths. As I write this, those numbers have now jumped to neraly 27,000 infections and 344 deaths.

We are about to reach the "boom" stage of the exponential virus explosion in NYC, with San Fran and Seattle not far behind.


Explains how our federal government has transformed from one of “defined and limited” powers as envisioned by our Founders, into one driven by a “Crisis Constitution.”  We are living in “an age of permanent emergency


75 Easy Meals to Make When You’re Stuck at Home


Refugees have traditionally fled socialist/communist countries like Cuba to come to the land of the free-America.  Few ever left the US to escape to a communist nation.


·         In the Chinese culture, there are four great inventions that are celebrated. You may have recognized them at the Beijing Olympics as they made an appearance at the games. They are: papermaking, printing, the compass, and gunpowder.

·         Although there is a widespread belief that the Chinese only used gunpowder for fireworks, they also used it in battle and for weaponry. While the Chinese did not put together the rifle as we know it, they were using the explosive nature of the gunpowder to create weapons to kill. There were incendiary arrows and exploding spears, but my favorite was the box of fire arrows that was held by a soldier.

·         In other words, it wasn’t as benign as the ‘just for fireworks’ claim that often gets thrown around. The mix was created by alchemists looking for an elixir of immortality...

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Brian B

I can’t imagine a President being more attentive to a nation in “crisis” than President Trump has been with this so-called pandemic. His challenge has been to mitigate the predicted infections of this pathogen, while defending his response from a very hostile and politicized press. The dishonesty of the Democrats and their media allies can hardly be overstated. And the economic cost to America is unprecedented.

On a positive note, perhaps the prayers of Mike Pence’s advisory team in the White House have been answered. The malarial drug, chloroquine phosphate has been proven very effective in the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 flu. This cheap, generic anti-malarial drug is widely available, but not yet approved by the FDA for treating the coronavirus. I expect that will soon change. Good-bye to media hysteria; hello to chloroquine and the resumption of American commerce.


A pandemic preparedness kit usually includes a lot of items for disinfecting your hands and everything you touch, but items to boost your immune system can be just as important. We’re going to cover a list of the top 10 immune system boosters in the form of supplements that are easy to find (for now).

Before taking any supplement, you should always consult your doctor to ensure there are no negative interactions with prescription meds you might be taking or if you have chronic or pre-existing conditions.

The supplements we’ll recommend are good for fighting colds and flu but could also help with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus now known as COVID-19. To be clear: There is no cure for COVID-19, but anything that boosts your immune system can help...

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A Final Note…

When considering how to remove the radical leftist grip from America’s universities, it’s easy to engage in wishful thinking.

But there are no quick fixes.

There are no laws that will end overnight the leftist bias and discrimination. There is no switch you and I can flip to replace rabid left-wing professors and administrators with principled conservatives.

The solution involves patient work on the ground at every college campus in America. That’s why your Leadership Institute’s field staff go to campuses to help conservative students organize into groups and equip them to stand up for our shared conservative principles.

The solution involves teaching conservative students about their rights. That’s why your Leadership Institute aims to distribute 100,000 pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution to young conservatives over the next year.

The solution includes legal defense teams to help students who suffer leftist bias and abuse. Your Leadership Institute leads the “Normandy Coalition,” a partnership of 31 conservative organizations who liberate America’s students from the evil empire that the left has built on most college campuses.

The Leadership Inst.

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Sawyer said...

Gun sales are through the roof where we live & everyone is still grabbing TP like it's gold.

Sally said...

Grateful for your voice of sanity in a world filled w/ hysterics...

Dave said...

Just got back from our Kroger market-shelves were 60% bare; TP obsessed shoppers were grabbing their alloted amount of TP - guess the SH_T really is hitting the fan...glad we follow your advice and have built up a nice stockpile of EVERYTHING!

Lori said...

Nice to find a dose or sensibility regarding this scare crisis; reminds of the proverbial pot of water about to boil with a frog in it. Slowly but surely the fear factor is being ramped up by government at every level. Is martial law coming?

Marjorie said...

Thanks for all the resources, insights AND recipes! May need those now that we're prisoners at home!