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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The globalist scheme to take your property

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The globalist scheme to take your property

Few of us understand the concept of patient gradualism, but the global elite know the principle very well.

The people in power don't go for Hail Marys; they do things incrementally. Gradualism is their game. They are patient but insidious and determined liars. They are long-term planners. They absolutely understand human nature and how to channel it to the evolution and refinement of the authoritarian state they desire.

Gradualism tricks the mind. Gradualism removes the shock potential from events no matter how serious the end consequences.

Gradualism works this way: If you saw a dead body on the street, you would be shocked and horrified. If you saw two more dead bodies the next day, you would still be shocked, but somewhat less so. Then, if you began to see new bodies every day, you would eventually pay no attention at all. Gradualism neutralizes the mind and numbs the senses to reality.

Authoritarianism is based on this sort of long-term planning. Authoritarianism is a philosophy of collectivism. Some call it democracy. Some call it communism. Some call it fascism. Some call it democratic socialism. But whatever you call it, it is all collectivism or authoritarianism; and in its ultimate form it is simply globalism.

The goal is perfect docility and perfect harmony with authoritarianism (economic, social and spiritual). Until the people accept collectivism under some pretext they are not docile and completely subdued. Once they accept it, rebellion and confrontation are impossible. This is the ultimate goal of the globalists, and the American system is nearing this state.

If you don't believe it, listen for just a minute to the campaign rhetoric emanating from the Democrat presidential front-runners like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. The voters supporting these politicians think they're advocating for some sort of new "freedom" under socialism — as if that's possible — while instead they are advocating for their own slavery. No one is ever free under socialism.

The ultimate goal of the global elite power brokers is to create a one world socialist government. We are pressed throughout our lives to believe that the shining path to utopia on Earth is built upon the fictions of egalitarianism.

The morality of socialism is easily summed up in a few words: envy and sacrifice based on a phony and coerced sense of altruism.

The socialist not only envies and wants a portion of the wealth of others; he desires to see the wealth of others lowered to the level of his own. The socialist wants to use a sense of altruism — couched in terms like "fairness," "equality" and "fair share" — to coerce those that have into willingly giving a portion of their wealth to others. That failing, the socialist desires that the power and organized violence of the state be used to create a level of conformity and reduce everyone to the same level — even if it is the level of poverty and privation.

Under socialism, a ruling class of intellectuals, bureaucrats and social planners decide what people want or what is good for society and then use the coercive power of the state to regulate, tax and redistribute the wealth of those who work for a living. The masses of people accept and even embrace this because they have been propagandized by the state-controlled media and the public (non)education system into believing that government is designed, tasked with and desires to look out for the best interests of the people and ensure that there are only "haves" and there are no "have nots." Government men, the people are assured, have the best interests of the people — rather than their own power and self-interests — in mind in everything they do, unlike the "greedy" capitalists only who seek profit no matter the consequences to society.

But something is standing in the way of the globalist's agenda. Despite the years of indoctrination through the public (non)education system and mass programming by the national propaganda media and public (i.e., government) policy, rural Middle and Southern middle-class Americans — the "Red States" of "flyover country" — continue to resist the globalists' dreams of a socialist/Marxist "utopia" and egalitarianism. That's because they are, by and large, more independent and more self-reliant and also demand equitable reward for their labor and product, placing them in competition for resources and goods with the global elite.

The latest globalist gradualism power play is the move to coerce the people into giving up their rights to property. This is not a new power play. President John Adams warned that "The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence." However it has become of special emphasis of the global power brokers over the last few years.

Banksters use the mortgage scam to confiscate property. They loan you money they created with a bookkeeping entry or computer keystroke so you can afford to purchase a house and property that has become prohibitively expensive due the Federal Reserve-created housing bubble. If unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances strike you and your family, the bank will evict you, keep your property and any funds you've previously paid. What is left that you owe will be taken from you in various and sundry ways except what may be relieved in bankruptcy court.

Banks, of course, are highly regulated by government. Government approves of this scheme and participates in it by creating laws that benefit the banksters to the detriment of the people.

Abolition of property rights is the first plank in Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. Government has already, through gradualism and altruism, almost completely co-opted property rights in America. Consider that if you don't pay the King's ransom (property taxes), the state will eventually evict you at the point of a gun and sell your property to the highest bidder. Property taxes are sold to the people as a means of providing funding for education and other government services, hence the preying on one's sense of altruism or "for the greater good."

Additionally, alphabet soup government agencies like the EPA and planning and zoning commissions, housing boards, safety inspections and the like determine how you may or may not use your property and what you can and cannot build on it.

If government can take your property or determine how and even whether you use it, do you really own it? Or are you just renting it from government?

Back in 1998 the EPA under President Bill Clinton threatened to withhold federal transportation funds from Atlanta if it didn't adopt "smart growth" policies that discouraged single family detached housing (suburban homes) and encourage use of mass transit. Carol Browner headed up Clinton's EPA at the time. She was later named assistant to the president for Energy and Climate Change under the Barack Obama regime.

While there she pushed for a partnership between the U.S. Department of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development to create "affordable sustainable communities" and use federal funds to push the programs. Among the partnership's goals were projects to promote programs to try and coerce people into high density developments by pushing the notion that the suburban lifestyle created greater infrastructure costs, environmental degradation and the raised the cost of automobile operation.

Advocates of smart growth policies contend that essential services can better be delivered (there's a socialist notion if there ever was one) to Americans living in higher density developments — such as town houses and high-rise apartments — through public transportation, thereby freeing commuters from their cars. Additional benefits come through the preservation of land, reduced carbon footprints, greater social interaction through forced proximity, and higher aesthetic standard in community and housing design as government planners and politicians assume greater responsibility for artistic choices, according to Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D., who reported on Obama's program for the Heritage Foundation.

The Obama regime tried but failed to implement a bill — the Livable Communities Act (SB 1619) — that sought to fulfill the United Nation's plan Agenda 21, adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and signed onto by "New World Order" President George H.W. Bush. The bill would have taken most of the authority for local planning and zoning from local communities and given it to the federal government, created a new "development" bureaucracy, driven up the cost of energy for home heating and the price of gasoline for cars, and forced people to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their homes in order to comply with new environmental standards.

The bill failed, but the collectivist authoritarians were undaunted. Recall that as recently as last year the so-called "Green New Deal" legislation was proposed which would have done much the same as SB1619 would have done, and much more.

While the California wildfires were burning in California in December 2019, The Nation magazine's Kian Goh posited that the fires were caused by climate change and the massive destruction that resulted was caused by "the ways in which we plan and develop our cities." Because of urban sprawl and the "increasingly disperse fashion" that cities and towns have expanded, fires were more destructive and harder to contain, he claimed.

To make things better, Goh writes, the individual ownership of private property "should be seriously questioned." The alternative Goh suggests is "government-planned and -built public housing." This would help combat the problems of both "climate change" and homelessness, according to Goh. Never mind that half the world abandoned state planning in favor of private sector initiative, economic freedom and market solutions in the 1980s when communism collapsed throughout Europe.

In Virginia, where Democrats are actively working to disarm the state's citizens through gun confiscation legislation, House Delegate Ibraheem Samirah has introduced a bill that would override local zoning officials to permit or require multi-family housing and tenements in every neighborhood. In other words, Samirah wants apartment buildings placed in the center of rural communities and subdivisions. This would drastically transform the suburbs. Similar bills have already been passed in Oregon and in big cities like Minneapolis, Austin, Texas and Seattle.

Samirah claims the "mostly white and wealthy" suburbanites "were ignoring the desires of poor people, who did not have time to lobby them to increase suburban density," implying racism is behind the desire by people to own property. Additionally, according Samirah, denser neighborhoods are more energy efficient.

These ongoing assaults on private property are designed to destroy the last vestiges of independent spirit and middle-class culture and cement the grip on power held by the collectivists and Marxists among us until One World Government socialism is cemented in place.

The globalist agenda is the most comprehensive program for world fascism and world collectivism ever conceived. Its basis is esoteric deception, as carried out pragmatically by mass politics, international mass banking and the mass media. Today's democratic globalists make the communists and the Nazis look like amateur totalitarians.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®


Yours for a Socialist-Free America!

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’





The self-proclaimed socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

Why is he so dangerous?

Let’s take a look at . . .

Where Bernie Sanders Stands on the Issues:

First, he is the creator of the “Medicare-for-All” bill. This plan is estimated to cost about $3.3 trillion a year and would basically make all private health insurance in the U.S. illegal.

This includes any insurance you currently get through your employer.

So where would you go for insurance?

To the government . . . a single payer system.

He also is proposing a $16 trillion climate change plan as part of the Green New Deal he co-sponsored with AOC.

This plan would ban all fracking and sets 2050 as the deadline for the U.S. to reach net-zero carbon emissions.

It would also impose new stricter regulations on energy, driving up the price of oil and gas you pay at the pump.

He also proposes to roll back President Trump’s tax cuts and increase corporate tax rates back to 35% from the current rate of 21%.

When you do the math, you can see that amounts to a 40% hit to corporate profits . . . and a likely 40% DROP in the stock market and your 401(k).

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Sally said...

Sure seems there's a lot of evidence to support the theory that many of those under 30 have been successfully brainwashed by Communist teachers...given that every 'Dem' candidate wants to erode your rights while increasing the Nanny State and grabbing more money from your paycheck, something is wrong w/ our nation...never thought to so many could be so easily fooled.

Cindy said...

There's been a lot of social decay in this nation starting w/ Hollywood. It is startling however, so many mainstream citizens hate Trump despite all he's done for our country...what part of their 401k or bigger take home money from their paychecks don't they like?

Bob said...

We have too much Big Brother as it is. Seems every day brings us another intrusion into our lives & privacy. It is disgusting.