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Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Epoch Times Is ‘Defending America’


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The Epoch Times Is ‘Defending America’

With a new initiative, Defending America, The Epoch Times seeks to remind Americans of the goodness of our country.


Such a reminder should not be needed. 


From its beginnings, America has offered its citizens the most important freedom: freedom of belief. It has been a nation where the faithful can practice their religion without fear of persecution.


By protecting fundamental rights, Americans have asserted the dignity of each individual, and have guaranteed the rights of speech, press, assembly and protest, and property, among others. And so have opened the door to individuals to seek to better themselves.


 With everyone free to pursue their dreams, we have been an inventive, prosperous, and generous people.

From around the world, the best from other nations have been attracted to the United States: those who had the courage to risk everything to come breathe the air of freedom; those with talent who simply wanted the chance to prove themselves; those who wanted to give their families a secure and prosperous life.


And so the United States has been a nation of immigrants. And it has been a nation of scientific and technological advancement, of excellence in education, and of the steady lifting of living standards. 


The United States has fought wars around the globe to defend freedom, and in times of peace has developed institutions to promote freedom and prosperity throughout the world.

But the excellence of America is now in dispute, and we are in a time of crisis.

Concerns about election integrity have cast doubt on our most recent presidential election.


Demands for “equity” replacing “equality” are part of a general turn toward socialism.


A cancel culture seeks to censor and silence those who do not toe the line of progressivism, and throughout our society—in schools, corporations, and governments at different levels—there is a new taste for authoritarian ways.

In recent memory the United States had unquestioned military dominance, but that has now disappeared.


Glenn Beck provides the 1776 Report the Left wants banned

We've heard a lot about the 1776 Commission over the past several months. From the mainstream media, you've heard lies and slander: It was a racist panel put together by President Trump to peddle a whitewashed version of American history. In reality, the 1776 Commission was established by President Trump in the fall of 2020 with the purpose of ... Read more


In the Truman Show film starring Jim Carrey, the lead character "Truman" realizes something is wrong with the world that has been presented to him as "reality." He begins to see that it's all theater, and that he's being lied to by everyone, including family, friends and the evening news. Each time he tries to mount an escape to go beyond the borders of his contrived prison, the producers of the show concoct a new scare story to keep him controlled in a state of fear.

Right now, we are all living in a Truman Show world, where fake authorities concoct scare stories -- like the Delta variant -- to keep us controlled and enslaved. Any who attempt to break out of the fake world are punished, censored, banned and even criminalized.

Get the full story in today's article and podcast here.



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#1 Supermarkets are feverishly stockpiling food, and the Wall Street Journal is reporting that they are doing this in anticipation of “the highest price increases in recent memory”…



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Maude said...

We ALL need to fight against the communist bastards [teacher unions, media, political left] trying to ruin our nation.

Deb said...

We all need to stand for America and fight the Marxist madness shrouding our nation!