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Monday, September 26, 2022

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Don't Put All Your Preparedness Eggs In One Basket

I read a lot of articles about emergency preparedness and I have written many of my own. They often revolve around the type of supplies and gear you should keep on hand in the event of an emergency situation. These articles are important, but what we must realize is that we should always look past the current situation, towards what might happen next.

I also hear much talk about bugging out and of course, an incident might quickly turn from a bugging in situation to an evacuation or bugging out situation. The purpose of this article is to ensure that people who prepare for the worst, do so with alternatives in mind.

An example might be that your house burns down. Are all your supplies kept inside your house? Have you prepared any options in the event it did? I always recommend that if you want to be prepared for anything, you must have options.

A wild fire, tornado, or flood might require that you evacuate your home and you may have to do so quickly. That is why people build evacuation kits and bug out bags. But often, these are kept inside the house, and if your house burns down, what are your alternative preparations?

Of course, I usually recommend a get home bag if you go to work every day, and this will provide you with some supplies. Actually, if your workplace will allow for it, you might think of keeping some further supplies at work. If you can safely store extra supplies in your vehicle, this is another option to think about.

I have always been an advocate of storing emergency preparedness items on my property, if you have a place to keep them. In my book, "Bug-Out: Reality Vs. Hype" I discuss how my wife and I store extra supplies in our detached garage, as well as our potting shed, which is located on the back of our property.

 If our house was lost, these supplies would provide us with the basics, such as clothing, water purification, fire, shelter, cooking, etc. We use five gallon buckets with Gamma Seal lids for easy access, and to keep the contents secure and waterproof. We would be able to function and make a plan on what to do next.



50 Beginner Survival Tips Every Prepper Should Know

Prepping isn’t just for SHTF or a zombie apocalypse or even TEOTWAWKI. Prepping is for everyday problems, normal emergencies, and worldwide events. The year 2020 will go down in history as the year of the global pandemic.

But it isn’t just the Covid-19 virus that was a problem. All over the world, as communities grappled with the effects of the virus, there were shortages of groceries, interruptions in supply chains, layoffs, and money shortages. It was hard to get toilet paper, meat, and basic supplies. Stores and restaurants closed and there was a global bicycle shortage.

Other reasons to prep include power outages, snowstorms, hurricanes, and even the stomach flu, all of which can hamper your ability to cook, go to the store, or even go to work and earn money. Prepping prepares you for all kinds of events, which means you don’t need to panic when bad things happen. You can likely ride out the problems from the comfort of your own home...

50 Beginner Survival Tips Every Prepper Should Know


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Make Frugality a Family Affair

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Natural Health Remedies That Can Save You Money

For minor health ailments, check the cupboard before heading to the drugstore. And whip up some of these inexpensive natural health remedies instead.

Raised Garden Beds on the Cheap

The materials needs for making raised garden beds can get costly. Here is how to have raised garden beds by next spring on a small gardening budget.

8 Grocery Items Likely to Be in Short Supply This Winter


Home Heating Prices to Hit 10-Year High This Winter


What Happens If You Eat Expired Food?


Oh How Those Famous Brand Groceries Have Changed

A veteran of the food marketing industry, the Ingredient Inspector seeks out products that are the closest to homemade and points the finger at manufacturers that change their recipes substituting less healthy, less natural, or cheaper ingredients. This week, in conjunction with our spotlight on skimpflation, the Ingredient Inspector shows you how several products of yesteryear have been changed, and not usually for the better.

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