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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

How far will the U.S. fall before we rise again?


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How far will the U.S. fall before we rise again?

Throughout the history of civilization, empires rise and then fall.

Although the final stages of collapse can be rapid and violent, the actual collapse is gradual and occurs over years and decades. Because of gradualism, the collapse is usually imperceptible to the people. Only a handful observe the increasing oppression of the people and recognize it for what it is. And no one, it seems, learns from history.

There are several schools of thought as to what precipitates the end of empires. Stratfor, the globalist think tank for multinational corporations, posited two of them. Citing the 1987 The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, Stratfor pointed out that western powers since 1500 AD all fell after they were drawn into foreign entanglements that forced them to spend more of their wealth on wars. This created underinvestment in domestic needs, sending the country into an economic and social decline that emboldened more enemies. This created a cycle of more war and oppression.

In The Collapse of Complex Societies, author Joseph Tainter suggested that empires collapse following a loss of confidence in the ruling elite and traditional institutions. This idea was echoed in the book, Empire and Civilization by Niall Ferguson.

Do you see this in America today?

I believe both of these are true, although not due to the loss of confidence in "state" institutions like the Supreme Corrupt, but in traditional social institutions like marriage, family, a real education, and so forth.

We are square in the middle of decadence masquerading as civilization. Social and economic oppression is closing in, but we accept it under all manner of rationalization and government propaganda. Declining morality is further evidence of an empire in decline.

While most people may be oblivious, the elites and ruling powers are well aware of what is transpiring. The Pentagon published a study in which it makes clear it is aware that the primacy of America in the world order developed after World War II is rapidly coming to end, that the American empire is collapsing and it is making plans for this "post-primacy" environment.

And its conclusions, though not surprising because failing regimes have always used oppression, manufactured enemies and psychological warfare in their last days, are frightening prospects for liberty.

The solution proposed to protect America in the "post-primacy" era includes more of what the establishment is doing now: more surveillance, more propaganda and more military expansionism.

According to the study, the future without American dominance will be one in which there are Arab Spring-style events, not just in the Middle East, but all over the world, because of loss of confidence in traditional institutions and what the Pentagon describes as a breakdown "traditional authority structures." The report notes the U.S. homeland is especially vulnerable to breakdown of traditional authority structures, stating:

The United States and its population are increasingly exposed to substantial harm and an erosion of security from individuals and small groups of motivated actors, leveraging the conflu­ence of hyperconnectivity, fear and increased vulner­ability to sow disorder and uncertainty. This intensely disorienting and dislocating form of resistance to author­ity arrives via physical, virtual and psychological vio­lence and can create effects that appear substantially out of proportion to the origin and physical size or scale of the proximate hazard or threat.

But the report ignores the role of the ruling establishment in these attitudes.

The report notes that one of the great drivers of the decline is the loss of message control due to the rise of alternative media which challenges conventional wisdom. To counter this, the report proposes stepped-up use of mass surveillance and psychological warfare.

later report from the Quincy Institute For Responsible Statecraft disagrees, saying, "Policy elites must reconceive their commitment to primacy and recognize that the United States will not be able to dictate terms in its relations with others in an emergent multipolar world," and that we must work with China and other countries as they do not pose an existential threat to us. Try telling that to the military-industrial complex!

Karl Marx long ago suggested that capitalist economies escape from their "internal contradictions" by going to war. So the U.S. government is always poised to turn its attention from its constitutional duty of assuring the general welfare of Americans to assuring the general welfare of the global elite and their global economy in order to maintain world dominance.

Governments since the Roman Empire have created enemies to instill fear in the population so that the people are manipulated into giving more police power over to the government. Politicians always go along with this Machiavellian deception.

Another great danger to the American people is that the elite who are presiding over the downfall of America will create a new tyranny disguised as a new and better system. We do not wish to exchange organized crime for organized crime under another name.

My findings are that the American people don’t believe that we can have economic collapse followed by economic and social chaos. They suffer from normalcy bias. We need to pay more attention to the history of the United States and the world.

The U.S. dollar is progressively buying less and less. The middle class and savers are impoverished. The process of currency destruction is getting faster and faster. This always happens in the final stages. I have a chart that goes back to the 1800s and I can tell you that this particular period sticks out. But you have no way of knowing in advance when it will actually trigger.

And that is the point. No one ever knows exactly when the collapse finalizes. That’s why we preach preparedness ahead of time. Hold cash in your possession, along with gold and silver. You should have food and water stockpiled, along with guns and ammo.

As the collapse continues and escalates, look for violence to also escalate. People get more desperate as they get hungrier. Desperate people do desperate things.

Better times are coming, but the firestorm comes first.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®



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Why do the little mole people in this country still trust that rat in the white House or its leftist propaganda machines-stupidity has become a cancer!

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Socialist scum Biden & his legions of rats are screwing America-then lying about their efforts at mass ruin-bastards will likely cause a civil war.

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We need to resist socialism tyranny!

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Stephen Roach, former chairman at Morgan Stanley, says: “U.S. living standards are about to be squeezed as never before.”