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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Biden's rant is about planting seeds of zealotry



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Biden's rant is about planting seeds of zealotry in the minds of leftists and the next generation

If we can be certain about anything when it comes to Joe Biden, it's that the man is an empty suit. He's not a leader, he's a puppet. Everything he says is carefully scripted and often poorly interpreted because he is barely able to read from a teleprompter. This does not mean there isn't a purpose to his speeches; there is always a purpose. The team of people behind him has a directed goal in mind and this includes Biden's latest insane rant against conservatives as "enemies of democracy."

Who is actually listening to these speeches, though? It appears that average Democrats are divided on Joe's tirade and many Americans don't know what to make of it. The social justice devout seems to love it. They can't seem to stop talking about Jan. 6. A bunch of unarmed people walking into the Capitol and then leaving is somehow utterly traumatizing to them.

I don't think that the chaos at the Capitol and a few people entering its corridors means much to leftists on the face of it. Rather, I think that hardcore leftists often delude themselves into believing that they are the hyper-majority and that conservatives and liberty activists are a "fringe minority." When the average leftist saw the massive protest on Jan. 6, they realized they are not as dominant as they assumed. They realized that conservatives could take the country back at any time, and they have been in shell shock ever since. They don't worry about Jan. 6; they are worried about what comes next.

In terms of the White House and the establishment, they are simply scrambling to use any event they can to paint conservatives as the evil enemy. And by the way, yes, we are enemies of "democracy" if we are talking about traditional democracy. Democracy is a collectivist nightmare system in which the majority (or false majority) dictates the lives of everyone else. Whoever controls the mind of the majority controls the nation in a democracy. This is not the American system and it's an unacceptable form of governance.

I think it's much harder for Biden and his handlers to convince average Democrats that Jan. 6 represents an actual insurrection that is somehow ongoing. He might be able to get some of them, or half of them, not enough of them. MSNBC only got 3 million people to watch their broadcast of the Jan. 6 hearings, and only around 17 million people total watched the event over the course of several days (many of them from other countries). That's 17 million or fewer people out of 330 million who cared to pay attention all.

There is one specific group, however that seems to hang on Biden's every word and is mindlessly dedicated to the leftist cause, and that is the contingent of American children and young adults indoctrinated into the socialist fold.

The problem for any authoritarian regime or ideological cult is the perpetual introduction of youth. Each new generation presents a renewed potential for rebellion against their control. Furthermore, adolescents and young adults have a natural biological inclination to rebel anyway; to strike out, desperately seeking to understand themselves and where they fit in the world. They might not even know what they are rebelling against. They are not driven by meaningful political identity. They don't have enough experience or knowledge to have a political identity. They rebel as a means to figure out what they represent.

This is why a person might go from being religious and conservative thinking as a child to a progressive in their 20s, and then back again to being a conservative in their 40s. Childhood is a process of figuring out how stupid you really are and then finally learning something about life and adulthood.



Hate Speech, Law, and Biden

In a remarkably hostile speech in Philadelphia, not focused on policy or unity, mischaracterizing the Nation’s founding documents, President Biden impugned the integrity, honesty, and patriotism of tens of millions of Americans, calling Republicans a “threat to democracy,” “extremists,” worthy of calumny, if not hatred.

Jackalope Senator: US Domestic Threats Greater than International Terrorism

He’s right!  Dems pose a huge threat to our standard of living, invasion of our border, gutting our education, eroding the Bill of Rights, crap international policies, etc.  We need to throw these demon-rats out of office before a civil war stats…

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-Fed chairman Powell

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Jack said...

Will you sit by while thugs, Communists, Marxists, mayors, thieving politicians, & Biden, Antifa, & BLM destroy our nation…these rats have created a combustible atmosphere...Why is it we never hear the media call out the real domestic terrorists: Antifa & BLM [& perhaps the leftist media hacks]...

Mindy said...

Socialist Dems & media allies lay false blame at the feet of conservatives; typical of how Marxists operate.
Although there is no substance to their BS, loser lemmings will swallow their kool-aid as Biden has a long history of playing fast n loose w/ facts.

Connie said...

wonder how many lawsuits have been filed against bozo Biden so far?

Neil said...

Why is this horses ass still in office; he's mucking EVERYTHING up & acts as if he's the savior...Dems are Satan's Army!