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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Greenbacks and useful urban survival resources



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All that glitters is not green(backs)-Useful survival resources

Smart parents teach their children that they can't buy things unless they have the money to pay for them. It's a simple enough lesson: "This toy costs $5, and you've only saved $3, Susie. Therefore, you can't buy the toy until you've saved two more dollars."

But Susie doesn't have the ability to print money that the Federal government does. When the Federal government wants more greenbacks to shove into the economy, it doesn't start looking for ways to save, it looks for ways to make money — literally create money — and just turns on the printing presses. When governments print money to excess — of course, today it's just digitally "depositing" money rather than physically printing it — and therefore devalue the very money a government is printing, it causes the massive price increases like you see today.

Hyperinflation scenarios occurred in Rome between 218 and 268 A.D. and in France in the 1780s after their currencies were debased. Even Thomas Jefferson warned of impending disaster when he said, "I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered..."

What does a depreciating or crashing currency do? It extinguishes U.S. government debt while at the same time reducing the value of the trillions of dollars held by countries around the world. Beware all who sleep!

Ponzi printing

A better description of U.S. fiat money is a "Ponzi scheme." Born in 1882, Charles Ponzi was a native Italian who immigrated to America when he was 21, spent time in a Canadian prison for forging a check, then returned to America and began a financial enterprise that would make his name synonymous with swindling.

In 1919, Ponzi founded an entity called the Securities Exchange Company in Boston. He promised surreal rates of return to investors in SEC — 50 percent in 45 to 90 days, some sources say. Soon, people were literally lining up to deposit money in Ponzi's enterprise.

What Ponzi was selling (long-forgotten things called "postage coupons") wasn't important. What was important was his discovery of the pyramid scheme, in which money from new investors pays off the original investors of the scheme. The problem with a Ponzi — or pyramid — scheme is that in order to keep functioning, there has to be an ever-increasing number of new investors. That requirement increases exponentially so that Ponzi schemes eventually require more investors than there are people on Earth. For a while, the original investors do in fact earn phenomenal returns, but a Ponzi scheme's demise is preordained. A Ponzi scheme in fact brought down the Albanian government in 1997, in what is called the Lottery Uprising.

Looking at the drawbacks of the Ponzi scheme, it becomes obvious… like Ponzi profits, all so-called government expenditures are nothing more than fiat, and any pretended interest is, if anything, only more fiat. If we could bring back the alchemists of old who dreamed of the magic of turning quicksilver into gold, they would be jubilant at the mass delusion.

It's all so simple, dear reader. Debt is only a cover term for fiat Ponzi. There has never at any time since the beginning of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 been any intention to pay anybody anything of substance. All that we ever get on our paper money is the promise to pay.

When will pieces of paper stop being accepted for food, service and substance? Modern money came from nothing and is going to nothing. This will be the flashpoint for gold. Financial speculation and widespread growth of gambling casinos always rise along with a speed-up in the money-printing presses.

Our philosophy — looking for extremes

Our expectation is to profit by outrunning depreciating paper money. The information we want you to have today regarding depreciating paper money is this: seasoned market students always look for market reversals at market extremes.

Just when the public gets most pessimistic, contrarians are thinking this very negative sentiment is a definite sign of the bottom and time to buy. This is the proverbial "blood in the streets" syndrome. It is called contrary opinion, and it is a very real and valuable system of market timing.

You don't even have to watch this market. Just believe it! Explosions upward will come, and you have to be in to win. Don't wait for the crowd — they're always too late!

Or, as Oaktree Capital Management's Howard Marks said recently, "In order to outperform, you have to depart from the crowd."

Your real bets are to exchange paper money for appreciating assets, for wealth... asset protection... and survival of the disastrous actions of paper-money makers. Almost anybody can see that absolute values in America are virtually obsolete. Financial imbalances and debt creation have grown to impossible proportions. Social breakdown is just beneath the surface — waiting for a trigger and surfacing at the smallest spark.

We are living on the edge, staring into the jaws of possibly a worse financial crisis. And the worst part of it is: Most Americans don't understand that this crisis is going to cause them to lose their life savings in dollar paper assets.

It's little more than a hallucination to believe the government can control any crisis. The American people already beg the government for surrender of all their freedoms for what they imagine will bring more security. You must build your own.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®

P.S. — The term "good as gold" exists for a reason. But none of the elected class will tell the truth: that the United States government caused the decline of its own currency... which is why I do recommend you read this report I put together so that your retirement savings won't get caught up in the precipitous decline. I believe it can help you prepare for the worst financial threats and deceptions America now faces.



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