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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Americans have a sick feeling that financial doomsday is just around the corner…


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Worse than the Great Depression?

Some experts are predicting that the United States is heading into a full-scale economic collapse that is "worse than the Great Depression."

Covid economic destruction, runaway inflation, the threat of WW3, international trade wars and inept leadership are all driving factors to this unprecedented impending Economic Armageddon.

The U.S. Dollar is officially on life support...

Through international sanctions, Biden has given permission for Putin and Russia to abandon the dollar and has driven them into the open arms of China who is also looking for a way to destroy the power of the dollar.

Some experts predict that we could very well be looking at the DEATH of the Dollar...

...And if this happens America will be catapulted overnight into an era that could be much worse than the Great Depression.

Worst of all? Some say it could last 5-10 years and since the government will be bankrupt, Americans will be on their own to survive.

The fact of the matter is the United States could be on the verge of TOTAL economic collapse in the very near future.

Many Americans have a sick feeling in their guts that a real financial doomsday is just around the corner…

From Yahoo Finance:


Rising global food prices brought on by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and commodity shortages triggered by climate emergencies are threatening to “destabilize” economies around the world, a United Nations (U.N.) official warned.


The number of people acutely hungry have dramatically accelerated since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While 135 million people faced acute food insecurity before the pandemic, that number has more than doubled to 276 million over the last two years.


“It’s the story that keeps getting from bad to worse,” U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) Chief Economist Arif Husain told Yahoo Finance Live. “When the World Food Programme is setting records, that's not a good thing for the world. And we have been doing that since at least 2021.”


According to the WFP, 50 million people across 45 countries are already on the verge of famine. Another 345 million people are approaching starvation across more than 80 countries,


Experts predict we might see shortages at grocery stores again this year on a handful of items. Some will be more critical than others. Most of us will get by if there is a champagne or beer shortage, as is predicted.

Other items might affect our grocery budgets and meal plans. Those who frequently use vegetable oils (canola, sunflower, soybean, palm) should be prepared to substitute other cooking oils or stock up. Bread, beef, and canned goods (including pet food) are expected to be in short supply at some point. It might be beneficial to stock up on canned goods and flour and other ingredients to make your own bread at some point. Or stock up on supplies you need to freeze store-bought bread and beef properly. In our house, when beef prices get high, or if there's a shortage, we just drop beef from meals rather than try to stock up.

Produce we might find in short supply includes lettuce, corn and oranges. If you're an orange juice drinker, consider stocking up on concentrate. You can freeze orange juice, but it will take up much more freezer space than those small cans of concentrate. And even if you're family doesn't each much corn, a corn shortage will also impact the supply of products such as corn chips and corn tortillas. Also, products that have corn syrup as an ingredient, such as sodas and some salad dressings.

I haven't seen any published information stating when we will experience shortages of these items, and there may be others, so we can probably just be aware for now and perhaps stock up on your often-used items on this list if you find a good sale. If you want to read up on why we may have shortages of these items, see the following:

·         Start Thinking of Alternatives to These 6 Foods in 2023 — They’ll Be In Short Supply


·         8 Grocery Shortages You Can Expect to See in 2023


What's the Cheapest?

I've noticed a lot of prices changing at my grocery store. Usually you'd expect the larger packages to be cheaper on a per unit basis, but that's not always true. I'm finding that sometimes the smaller packages are cheapest, so I always check before deciding which package to put in my cart.

Here are six things to know about grocery store aisles that will save money.




16 Inconvenient Truths About SHTF


Every year, the world seems to get a little crazier and a little more dangerous. Maybe that's why rich people are buying doomsday bunkers and stocking them with survival food.

If you have a doomsday bunker of your own, it’s important to stock it with foods that are not only nutritious and tasty, but also long-lasting and easy to store. In addition, they need to be foods that can be eaten right out of the package or at least require minimal preparation.

With all that in mind, what are the best foods for your doomsday bunker? Read on to find out...

16 Inconvenient Truths About SHTF

25 Best Hiding Spots for Valuables

Preppers know that the gear they are storing to live through a major disaster is more valuable than a stack of cash. But thieves and government agents know that, too. If you want to keep your valuables, you need to find the best hiding spots for them.

A few survival items such as a fire starter or a water purifier could mean the difference between life and death after a collapse. Creativity, ingenuity and a little skill can keep these items safe.

Here are some ideas for hiding your valuables. Use the ideas to get your own creative juices flowing. Take a look around your property and think outside the box...

25 Best Hiding Spots for Valuables

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How to Hide Survival Caches on Your Property


 8 Top Foods for Your Survival Stockpile


Which foods are the best to store?


If they’re too costly you won’t be able to store enough. And a bad nutritional balance?


That could see you starve.


All while disaster could be around the bend...


Click Here to Discover ‘8 Top Foods for Your Survival Stockpile’ <<


Why do you need an emergency radio?


·         . Just 60 seconds of hand cranking provides more than 45 minutes of radio

Radios: Having a couple small, portable radios on hand is going to be a must. If there’s a disaster, you’ll need to listen to the radio to get news about what is happening around you….grab a TacRight Emergency Radio:


What is a go bag?...


Be Prepared for
Emergency Situations

When Disaster Strikes - Everyone Should Have An Emergency Survival Kit Ready To Go!

If there’s one universal lesson we’ve learned from 2021 so far, it’s that we should all be better prepared for emergencies, no matter who we are.


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  • Reusable Face Mask
  • Personal Water Filter Straw
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Sam said...

Biden is screwing this country on a massive scale-he needs to be dethroned!

Roger said...

The Wall Street Journal says “Biden’s reputation is


And it doesn’t take a Harvard Ph.D. to figure out why:

With insane spending sprees, outrageous tax hikes, a border crisis, a mishandled pandemic, constipated supply chains, and a bloated nanny state the D.C. clown posse wants to expand...

Hard-working Americans have had it up to *here* with "Slidin’ Biden’s administration.

Richard said...

No. ! goal of biden & Marxists is to destroy the Middle Class & they'll do anything to make that happen.

Dave said...

Number one comment I hear from family, friends, customers-'Biden-flation is killing us; every time I visit the supermarket, prices go up...can't get out without dropping $100 or more! Also-it's really hurting fixed income seniors...welfare people don't care as Biden just gives them [& illegals] more taxpayer dollars to spend...