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Monday, January 16, 2023

Globalist Soros' Vision Crushes Middle Class, Radical Cost cutting


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The globalist vision of the future requires the digitization of humanity

--Plus Radical Cost Cutting to Save Cash


 Interesting narrative fallacy being presented to the general public when it comes to the designs of globalism…The mainstream media and others are now openly suggesting that it's actually OK to be opposed to certain aspects of international groups like the World Economic Forum. They give you permission to be skeptical, just don't dare call it a conspiracy.

This propaganda is a fascinating deviation from the denials we are used to hearing in the Liberty Movement. We have all been confronted with the usual cognitive dissonance that globalist groups "just sit around talking about boring economic issues" and nothing they do has any bearing on global politics or your everyday life.

Now, the mainstream is admitting that yes, perhaps the globalists do have more than just a little influence over governments, social policies and economic policies. But what the mainstream doesn't like is the notion that globalists have nefarious or authoritarian intentions. That's just crazy tinfoil hat talk.

The reason for the narrative shift is obvious. Far too many people witnessed true globalist agenda in action during the pandemic lockdowns and now see the conspiracy for what it is:  A stark reality. The globalists, in turn, seem to have been shocked to discover many millions of people in opposition to the mandates and the refusals to comply were clearly far greater than they expected. They are still trying to push a return to the mandates, but the cat is out of the bag now.

They failed to get what they wanted, which was a perpetual Chinese-style medical tyranny with vaccine passports as the norm. So, the globalist strategy has changed, and they are seeking to adapt. Media elements admit to the existence of globalist power because they have to; they have to at least try to retain some kind of legitimacy. But they continue to promote the lie that there is no concerted or unified agenda;  the globalists are just stumbling around like the rest of us and aren't trying to rule the world.

The response to this lie is relatively straightforward. I could point out how Klaus Schwab of the WEF savored the thrill of the initial pandemic outbreak and declared that covid was the perfect "opportunity" to initiate what the WEF calls the "Great Reset."

I could also point out that Klaus Schwab's vision of the future, what he calls the "Fourth Industrial Revolution," is a veritable nightmare world in which artificial intelligence runs everything, society is condensed into digital enclaves called "smart cities" and carbon emissions are monitored with Orwellian precision. I could point out that the WEF actively supports the concept of the "Shared Economy" in which you will "own nothing, have no privacy" and you will be happy about it.

But what I really want to talk about is the process by which the elites hope to achieve their dystopian goals, as well as the globalist mindset that lends itself to the horrors of technocracy. The ugly nature of the "dangerous but not conspiracy" narrative is that it plays on the average person's assumption that globalists are just like us. That they are regular human beings with the same drives and desires and often good intentions that might "go awry" at times.

This is a fallacy. The globalists are not like us. They are not human. Or, I should say, they despise their own humanity if they have any.

What we are dealing with here are not normal people with conscience, ethics or empathy. Their behavior is much more akin to higher functioning psychopaths and sociopaths rather than the everyday person on the street. We saw this clear as day during the COVID lockdowns and their vicious attempts to enforce vaccine passports; their behavior betrays their motives.

Beyond the COVID response, though, I suggest people who are skeptical of a globalist conspiracy take a deeper dive into the philosophical roots of organizations like the WEF. Their entire ideology can be summed up in a couple of words... futurism and godhood. Futurism is a cult movement that claims that all new innovations, social or technological, should supplant the previously existing systems for the sake of progress. They believe that all old ways of thinking, including notions of principles, heritage, religious belief systems, codes of honor, etc. are crutches holding humanity back from greatness and they should be abandoned.

But what is the greatness the futurists seek? As mentioned above, they want godhood. A tomorrow in which the natural world and human will is enslaved by the hands of a select few. Case in point, the following presentation from 2018 by WEF "guru" Yuval Harari on the future of humanity as the globalists see it:

Harari's conclusions are an absurd pipe dream built on elitist biases, but we can set those aside for a moment and examine his basic premise that humanity will essentially no longer exist in the next century because of "digital evolution" and "human hacking."

The foundation of the WEF vision is built on the idea that data is the new gold, the new conquest. This is something I have written about extensively in the past, but it is good to see it expressed with such arrogance by someone like Harari because it drives my arguments home. The globalists think they are going to build entire economies based on data rather than production. In other words, you become the product. The average citizen becomes the stock in trade.

Not only that, but the globalists also believe that data can be used to control people's behaviors, or even improve upon the human body and mind in order to create super-beings; little gods exerting intelligent design over the world. Yuval even proudly proclaims that intelligent design will no longer be the realm of God in heaven, but of the new digitized man.

While Harari pays lip service to "democracy" vs "digital dictatorship," he goes on to assert that centralization may become the defacto system of governance. He says this because that has always been the WEF's intent, not because he fears such an outcome. He argues that governments cannot be trusted to hold a monopoly on the digital wellspring and that someone needs to step in to regulate data; but "who would do this?" he asks.

He already knows the answer. The UN, a globalist edifice, has consistently said it should be the governing body that takes control of AI and of data regulation through UNESCO. That is to say, Harari is playing coy, he knows that the people who will step in to control the data are people just like him.

At no point in Harari's speech does he suggest the idea that any of these developments should be obstructed or stopped. At no point does he offer the idea that the digitization of humanity is wrong and that there are other ways of living. He actually mocks the concept of "going back" to old ways of living; only the future and the Tabula Rasa (blank slate) hold promise for the globalists, everything else is an impediment to their designs.

But here's the thing, what the globalists are trying to accomplish is a fantasy. People are not algorithms, despite how much Harari would like them to be. People have habits, yes, but they are also unpredictable and are prone to sudden awakenings in the wake of crisis.

Psychopaths tend to be robotic people, acting impulsively but also very predictably. They lack imagination, intuition and foresight, and so it's not surprising that organizations of psychopaths like the WEF would place such an obsessive value on AI, algorithms and a cold technocratic evolution. They don't view their data Utopia as humanity's future; they see it as their future... the future of the non-humans, or the anti-humans.

Who will produce all the goods, services and necessities required in this brave new world? Well, all of us peons, of course. Sure, the globalists will offer grand concepts of a robot-driven production economy in which people no longer need to engage in menial labor, but this will be another lie. They'll still need people to plant the crops, maintain infrastructure, take care of manufacturing, etc., they'll just need fewer of us.

In the meantime, they entertain dreams of surpassing their mortal limitations by "hacking" the human body. Again, another fantasy that ignores the unpredictable wages of the human soul, that very element of conscience and of imagination that the elitists lack. It's something that cannot be hacked, only suppressed to a point.

The legitimacy of the data-based system and the hacking of humanity that the WEF aspires to is less important than what the masses can be convinced of. If the average person can be persuaded to implant their cell phone in their skull in the near future, then yes, humanity might become "hackable" in a rudimentary way. By the same token, if humanity can be persuaded to set down their cell phones most of the time or stop carrying them around altogether and live a less tech-focused life, then the digital empire of the globalists comes crashing down quite easily. There is no system the elites can impose that would make their digital consciousness a reality without the consent of the public at large.

And, without a vast global digital framework in which people willingly participate, the globalist dream of total centralization dies. The first step is to accept that the conspiracy does indeed exist. The second step is to accept that the conspiracy is malicious and destructive. The third step is to refuse to comply, by whatever means necessary.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith


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A job-destroying economic vortex has just been unleashed over America

Just as we predicted last year, a wave of layoffs has already begun in early 2023 with large workforce reductions announced across crypto, finance, real estate, transportation and Big Tech.

Ongoing money printing by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve is destroying the value of the dollar and causing price inflation in nearly everything that people consume.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, globalists are planning to carry out a kind of global debt reset that would end many fiat currencies and attempt to drive people into Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), which serve as a control and surveillance system for governments.

Get full details on the layoffs, the controlled demolition and the global debt reset agenda in today's feature article and podcast here.


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Ryan said...

Soros was a Nazi & his crap organizations should be dismantled & he should deported [unsure any country would accept his globalist BS]

Kris said...

Soros, Biden & other leftists critters are screwing America & its Middle Class. Of course the socialist media never points this out.

Travis said...

Sure appreciate insights & hacks for surviving the crap foisted on America. I do think crushing the Middle Class is the goal of the Marxists in our nation including the bozo in the White House.