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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Appreciate liberty while you can


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Most of us were taught to respect others and value honesty, justice, and freedom. We love our families and the ability to live freely with and for them. Also, we appreciate the freedoms we are afforded here in the United States and are thankful for those who once fought to make those a reality. 

Unfortunately, it seems that those values don’t just have a one-time cost.

We have to constantly fight to keep them. Our constitution might protect them for the most part. But as you might have noticed, there are those even here in our own communities who would like to see them discarded as rubbish. 

 The 10 biggest threats to your food security in 2023

In 2023 and for years to come, we are about to see some of the disturbing signs of food scarcity and panic among populations as well as food retailers.

Expect to see armed guards, access restrictions, food riots, rationing limits, social unrest, food thefts and more. Not in every area, thankfully, but largely focused in high population density cities that tend to be lawless and desperate.

See today's feature story for full details, a podcast and an interview.

A Government That Assaults Liberty


More Proof That Nancy Pelosi Was More Responsible for J6 Riot Than Trump




101 Multipurpose Items You Should Stockpile ASAP

In the 2008 film Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood’s character, Walt Kowalski, shows his young neighbor, Thao, his workshop. When the boy laments that he’ll never be able to collect so many tools, Kowalski pulls out just three items: WD-40, vise grips, and duct tape. 

“Any man worth his salt can do half the household chores with just those three things,” Kowalski tells the boy. We can’t disagree. And those three items definitely made our list of multipurpose items you should have on hand for an emergency.

We know you’ve seen many lists of foods and supplies to stockpile for an emergency. However, these lists can be daunting in terms of the amount of money it takes to purchase them and the space required to store them...

101 Multipurpose Items You Should Stockpile ASAP


4 Ways To Pay Off Holiday Debts

Did you end the holiday season in a bit of debt? Take these steps to pay off that debt and get out from under those holiday bills as quickly as possible.

Alternatives to Selling Your Stuff On eBay in 2023

Got some stuff you’d like to get rid of? Why not get some money for it? eBay is a great way to do that, but here are some alternatives you might prefer.


Put Baking Soda In The Toilet, Here's What Happens

41 Life Hacks To Boost Your Quality Of Life!



Why do you need an emergency radio?


·         . Just 60 seconds of hand cranking provides more than 45 minutes of radio

Radios: Having a couple small, portable radios on hand is going to be a must. If there’s a disaster, you’ll need to listen to the radio to get news about what is happening around you….grab a TacRight Emergency Radio:


What is a go bag?...


Be Prepared for
Emergency Situations

When Disaster Strikes - Everyone Should Have An Emergency Survival Kit Ready To Go!

If there’s one universal lesson we’ve learned from 2021 so far, it’s that we should all be better prepared for emergencies, no matter who we are.


 Bug Out Kits-Choose Your Level

  • 72-hour 4Patriot emergency food pack [25 year shelf life
  • 4Patriot Greens sample pack [Power supplement]
  • 3 Luna Nutrition bars [assorted]+Sunmaid raisin pouch
  • Cleaning Wipe Pack
  • Steel River Emergency Tent
  • Mini  First Aid kit
  • TRS 5N1 EDC folding tool
  • 3-package meal sampler
  • Paracord bracelet w/ compass
  • Reusable Face Mask
  • Personal Water Filter Straw
  • 11-Piece Emergency Survival Kit 

We offer several sized kits at:

PERSONAL SURVIVAL PACK-Tried N True ‘Save-Your-Butt’ Essentials





Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom!


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You Can’t Buy Life Insurance After You’re Dead

Not Prepared? 

That's Bad News...



You Can’t Buy Life Insurance After You’re Dead-Prepare NOW for Emergencies…


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Roland said...

Freedom is a slippery thing in the hands of Marxist Dems!

Nancy said...

Amen to that-too many are pitiful in this regard.

Beth said...

Too many only give lip service to freedom; the Marxists [Dems, Socialists, BLM, Antifa, teacher Unions, Midia] all wish to undermine & destroy this country!

Dan said...

There are currently 38 million Americans, including 12 million children, who are struggling with food insecurity.

As inflation and supply chain disruptions continue to push food costs higher and higher, families are feeling the weight of financial distress as they struggle to make ends meet. But...too many morons in the US still support that sorry excuse of a fool - bumbling biden.