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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY Homemade Tear Gas & Weapons from our Readers

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Unusual survival resources and DIY Weapons from the Poor Man archives…


   One of our readers suggested including a pencil sharpener in your bug-out bag to sharpen sticks with.  Sounds dumb to me unless it is chop sticks you need to sharpen.  I prefer a variety of knives and a machete which can be used for many, many tasks.


Others have told me they take old metal files and convert them into knives.  Not a bad idea but time consuming, even with a bench grinder.


As I’ve mentioned in several posts over the years, the main idea behind home and personal security is to keep a low profile.  Refrain from driving that new Porsche or Mercedes and don’t brag to others how well prepared you are or about how many guns you have (that was the primary reason why I turned down the ‘opportunity’ to appear on NatGeo TV’s Extreme Preppers.


Since we plan to be completely off-grid by summers’ end this year, I’m already concerned about disguising our solar and wind turbine system.  If the SHTF, the bad guys will look for self sufficient homes to rob.


As a kid we made a ton of smoke bombs using sugar and salt peter…lots of fun but some of my neighbors were not as amused and called the fire department on us once.


I know some of you are concerned about the possibility of accidentally setting off your smoke alarm or igniting the mixture during preparation. There is safer way to make a smoke bomb. It uses the same ingredients and produces a comparable amount of smoke, but it takes a bit longer to make. Here's how to make the safer smoke bomb:


Smoke Bomb Ingredients

  • potassium nitrate or saltpeter (if you can't find it at a garden store I see Skylighter sells it online)
  • sugar (sucrose)
  • water
  • fuse
  • paper or plastic cups
  • plastic spoon
  • waxed paper

Construct the Smoke Bombs

  1. In a paper or plastic cup, mix 3 parts potassium nitrate with 2 parts sugar (e.g., 3 tablespoons potassium nitrate and 2 tablespoons sugar).
  2. Using your plastic spoon, stir in just enough water to make a thick paste. Continue stirring until the ingredients are evenly mixed.
  3. Set lumps of the mixture (~1 tablespoon each or a little less) onto the waxed paper. Insert a fuse into each lump.
  4. Allow the smoke bombs to set up for 1-2 days. The drying time will depend on temperature and humidity. Warmer and drier is faster; cooler and damper will take longer. Keep the smoke bombs away from excessive heat or flame. The smoke bombs will be like clay when they are ready, not hard and solid.
  5. Set a completed smoke bomb outdoors on a fireproof surface and light it.

  Find an easy DIY recipe here:



Another reader told me about making your own slingbow which can be used to hunt small game.  I have several high grade sling shots and spare slings but this looks useful as well.  Hell, I often feel like David going against Goliath anyway!  Find a short how-to here at the SHTF site…



Antique life hacks…

Lighting a match in the wind, creating a water filter & more…Both are great camping/wilderness/post-apocalyptic skills to have.



How To Make Tear Gas In Your Basement

The method of making tear gas is so simple that anyone can do it. The two things to remember are care and caution. You will need a certain amount of equipment but, you can find them in any hobby shop, or home chemical supplier. If you don’t already own a gas mask, go out and get one. They are sold at any Army-Navy stores for under 10 bucks…



Anything Can Be A Weapon If You Need It To Be »
If someone breaks into your home while you’re there, your window of opportunity for reacting effectively to protect yourself and your family will probably be very small. You have to make every second count in this situation, and you will be able to accomplish this only if you are fully prepared. More »



Our Home Defense Kit offers more useful resources than any other I’ve run across including a Big Book of Homemade weapons, How to Protect Your Perimeter, DIY Black Powder and a lot more.  It is our best selling kit.



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I read your stuff when I have time. You're one of a shrinking breed in America in that you actually give a damn about what's going on. Most people no longer care and the political elite take advantage of that.