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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Selling Wild Foods, Farm Markets and Self Sufficiency Resources


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Gardening requires lots of water — most of it in the form of perspiration. ~Lou Erickson


Finding & Selling Wild Foods, Growing & Selling at a Farmers Market…Free urban self sufficiency resources


   Since I am still in a health recovery mode (meaning my energy levels are still low), we’ll be planting less in our garden this year.  We’ll focus on crops we enjoy eating and those that have done well for us in previous years.  We’ll be eliminating corn, melons and fewer zucchini type vegetables.


Eventually, we’ll do more when our mini-farm nears completion and hope to do more work this summer on that never-ending project.


Monday was the first spring day we’ve seen and a few of us went to an Amish Flea Market and to an Amish Bulk Foods market.  Grabbed some deals on 100 lb sacks of oatmeal and got a few dozen eggs that were so fresh the mud was still on them!


Anne was our weekly winner for her tip on Garden Starter Pots…she won an 8,000 Patriots Survival Seed package-thanks for participating!  We’re giving another seed prize this week so don’t forget to submit your tips.


Selling Wild Foods

Any boy scout knows that mother nature has a bounty to offer for gatherers – wild foods abound throughout forests and national parks and if you know what you’re doing (so you avoid the poisonous foods), then you can easily make yourself a feast every single day and night from nothing but the wild foods that can be found in forests.

But what about selling wild foods? While it might go against some people’s sense of fairness that you gathered food for free and then sold it for a profit, many people do just that. These are people who are comfortable foraging for food in a forest, collecting wild root vegetables and berries, gathering them up and selling them on the internet to people who want really and truthfully naturally grown...

Continues here...

Resource:  Learn more about selling at farmer’s markets at:


Find local farmers markets, or add the ones near you so other folks can

Or learn more at...


Additional resources of interest for managing your garden (online):





Free Landscape Design Basics


A tip of the hat to Mary Anne for sharing this!

 A Model for Profitable Micro-Farming
Earn a living gardening on just 1.5 acres



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Urban Homesteading

If you live in a city and dream of someday being able to work the land and become a modern homesteader, consider this: There’s no need to wait — you can easily do many homesteading activities in the city. You may not have enough garden space to grow your own wheat or corn, but you can harvest an amazing amount of many crops from a collection of containers. Owning your own milk cow is likely not an option, but keeping backyard chickens certainly is. Plus, in the city, it can be much easier to build a community of like-minded neighbors who can share tools, knowledge and friendship.

Here’s what it can look like: In a single year, six households working with the organization Daily Acts in Petaluma, Calif., produced more than 3,000 pounds of food; foraged 2,000 pounds of local fruit; collected more than 4,000 pounds of urban organic waste to be used as compost and mulch; planted more than 185 fruit trees; installed five greywater and rainwater catchment systems that saved tens of thousands of gallons of water; tended to bees, chickens, ducks, quail and rabbits; and worked to reduce energy use and enhance public transportation opportunities. All of this from six households! (For another example of urban self-reliance, read about a Midwestern neighborhood that created a “homestead hamlet” in Neighborhood Gardens Create Community Food Security.)



Grab a copy of the Guide to Urban Homesteading


Video: Diggin' the Small Garden
Don't let an apartment or small yard keep you from starting a garden and growing some of your own fruits and veggies! This week, The Ultimate Cheapskate shows us how to get a very cheap start on container gardening.


Where to Keep Your Emergency Supplies »
If you are short on space and don't know how to store your emergency kits, you may find yourself in a desperate situation in an emergency. Here are the places where you should keep your emergency supplies. More »


Sometimes large chunks of freezer burned meats can be salvaged. When the chunk of meat starts to thaw, I trim the freezer burned sections off with a sharp knife and then let it thaw and cook as usual. I was able to save some chicken breasts using this method, and I have also done this with other meats that are in chunks.  >Mary

Garden Starter Pots  [this week’s winner of a Patriot Seed Survival Bank]

Start your garden veggies on a window ledge in wax milk and juice cartons (one- or two-quart size). Tomatoes, peppers, melons and many other veggies benefit from an early start and these cartons with the top cut of make great waterproof receptacles for this purpose. >>Anne


Where to Keep Your Emergency Supplies »
If you are short on space and don't know how to store your emergency kits, you may find yourself in a desperate situation in an emergency. Here are the places where you should keep your emergency supplies. More »


Additional free gardening resources…


Survival Seed Bank-Non GMO ½ Acre- 8500 Vegetable Seeds

All seeds included are Non-GMO & non-hybrid

8,500 seed count survival seed bank that includes 30 different varieties of delicious, easy to grow vegetables! Also included are instructions for planting, harvesting, and reusing the seed stock. This kit will plant about 1/2 acre in size if spaced correctly.


This week’s prize:  Survival Seed Package (Non-GMO)

Covers more than 8,000sf!  Send us your tip…

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