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Monday, April 7, 2014

We've Become a Nation of Exhibitionists

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"Formerly we suffered from crimes;
now we suffer from laws."
-- Cornelius Tacitus



A Nation of Exhibitionists-Your Privacy isn’t safe and it’s your own fault.


I write frequently about privacy issues and what has always stunned me is how little feedback I get from anyone…not one word from those concerned about our civil liberties or a critic of NSA or the Wall Street tech firms which supply to software and gadgets used to spy on us.

Concerns about privacy online ebb and flow and have done so for years. AT&T in 2006 received heavy scrutiny for its alleged activities on behalf of the National Security Agency (NSA), resulting in numerous lawsuits many years before anyone had ever heard of Edward Snowden.

Perhaps the most telling remark ever made about online privacy came from then-Sun CEO Scott McNealy way back in 1999, who said "You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it," to a group of reporters.

Americans must love exposing themselves and it is evident from what we witness online that most of you embrace mass exhibitionism. Most often people give up their private information in a heart-beat to Wall Street, online scam artists and more. Seems Americans can’t take a dump without filming themselves.

Many Americans insist that they are not worried about government surveillance because they have nothing to hide.

They miss the point. The question is not whether we are doing something wrong, but whether the government believes we are doing something wrong.

Between the forced use of a Social Security number and the penchant people have for baring their private lives to anyone and everyone, it is any wonder that Identity Theft is the number one crime in America?  Many have called our SSN the Mark of the Beast and it is embraced by most of the plantation workers.

Having been a contributor to Privacy Times, the author of a best- selling privacy protection manual and supporter of privacy laws, I AM SIMPLY AMAZED at the lack of concern shown by our readers and the public at large…if you want to continue helping the government spooks and Wall Street bottom feeders, just continue what doing what you’re doing online.

 Keep in mind that the government has a constantly shifting scale when it comes to what is illegal, so that attempting to use solar panels and collect rainwater, gathering with friends to pray in the privacy of one’s home, and suggesting that TSA agents treat American passengers with respect can now render you a lawbreaker.


Oh what the hell, most citizens have become STEPFORD citizens…blindly obeying and doing as they are told…


     And just so you know, Clinton started the massive ‘spy on Americans’ apparatus…

Clinton Budget Funds Massive Police Wiretaps: President Clinton’s proposed budget includes millions to allow government electronic snooping on civilians, and the NSA appears to be heavily involved.  One of the heftiest increases, from $15 million to $240 million, will pay phone companies to rewire their networks to facilitate police wiretapping.

Somewhere, in some government database is a map of your life. And from that map, they can figure out where you work, where you hang out, where you shop, and who the most important people are in your life. They can even find out what times of day you normally travel, and your favorite routes.

But that's not all these prying bureaucrats can do with your phone...

  • They can listen in on your calls. Legally, they need a warrant, but how often now have spy agencies shown a willingness to skirt the law? If they listen to your actual calls, they don't just know who you're talking to, but what you're saying as well.
  • They can hack into your text messages and monitor who you contact and what you say.
  • They can even remotely switch on your cell phone's microphone and listen to your conversations. And not just your phone conversations, mind you. They can listen in to anything you're saying in the vicinity of your phone.

If you don’t want the government to know where you’re going, either take the battery out of your cell phone or leave it at home. If you don’t want the government to have a record of who you’re calling, go old school, and use a pay phone. All of this defeats the purpose of a cell phone’s convenience, but these steps are the only way to ensure your privacy against government snoops.


Privacy Fix – Manage Your Online Privacy

It is very important for Internet to take responsibility for privacy.  Privacy Fix helps you manage your

privacy on social networking sites like Facebook and Google.



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These days, it seems privacy is under assault from all sides. Your phone can track your location, your thermostat learns your personal habits, Facebook FB in Your Value Your Change Short position knows the most intimate details about your life—and U.S. intelligence agencies are racing to sweep up reams of data.



Microsoft Promises to Stop Snooping Through Your Email                  


Prevent ID Theft

I recently had to fill out forms at the doctor's office. There was a spot for Social Security number, but I left it blank and asked the receptionist if I really had to write it down. She said that I did not have to give it! So, of course, I didn't. Always ask if it's necessary. >>Tami in NY


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Can't take a dump in private - that's good and true. Gullible, stupid people have become voyeurs thinking everything they do rates a video when in reality it's their narcissistic and vain way of proving they lead meaningless lives.