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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Road to Freedom-Become a Perpetual Traveler in an RV

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The Road to Freedom – Becoming a Perpetual Traveler in an RV


I’ve written before about living on a houseboat or becoming an expatriated citizen.  A number of years ago I wrote a best-selling manual on protecting one’s privacy and was a guest editor for Privacy Times newsletter where I met Bill Kaysing (now deceased and best known for his theory about why we never went to the moon).

Despite his notions about no moon landing, Bill wrote several books about living off the land, living cheap and the life of a nomad…including his well read Freedom Encyclopedia and The ex-urbanite's complete & illustrated easy-does-it first-time farmer's guide; a useful book.

In practical terms, perpetual travellers (PTs) are people who live in such a way that they are not considered a legal resident of any of the countries in which they spend time.

By lacking a legal permanent residence status, they seek to avoid the legal obligations which may accompany residency, such as income and asset taxes, social security contributions, jury duty and military service.

For example, while PTs may hold citizenship in one or more countries that impose taxes based solely on residency, their legal residence will most likely be in a tax haven. PTs may spend the majority of their time in other countries, never staying long enough to be considered a resident.

Some PTs are wealthy individuals whose primary motivation is tax avoidance. It is possible for a non-national to live for several months, and in some cases even own property, in many countries without becoming a legal tax resident and therefore eliminating paying income tax.


The exception is, of course, the United States which wants your tax dollars no matter where you live which is why (one of the reasons) more and more people are giving up their US citizenship.  I’ve promoted a low profile living lifestyle for decades. 
Here are some resources I recommend to learn more about becoming a perpetual traveler.






Sovereign Man is an intelligence service that brings you rational solutions to protect your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness against bankrupt governments and a financial system in terminal decline


You might also enjoy Jeff Berwick’s Dollar Vigilante (I am a subscriber)


Ultimate Guide to Low Profile Living: 253 Cutting Edge Strategies

Today, almost every activity you’re involved in is being monitored…financial transactions, internet actions, medical records and more…


Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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