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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Comfortable Mess: More Money Savers & Rants from Granny Crabapple!

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A Comfortable Mess


Granny Crabapple: Ban bratty kids from public shopping!



   Whiny little street urchins interrupted my thrift store adventure this week because their mom let them run loose like it was a playground…the manager yelled at the mother three times to mind her brats.  Didn’t happen so he called the cops and they dragged her sorry brood out the door while she screamed some nasties in border Mexican (I think they call it Spanglish). 


Too much inbreeding and it taxes my patience. I couldn’t find anything at the Target Reject store so I left and went to eat out at a fancy restaurant. It was a Sunday and guess what?  A family parked their fat ass in the corner with two brats who whined and cried the entire time.  I finally left.  If they can afford the kind of restaurant I was in, they can afford a babysitter or they can head over to the Golden Arches for a kids meal!


We need some kid-free zones since so many parents don’t know how to discipline their kids!


 Speaking of taxes, how in hell does the government get away with taxing the sales of used, donated goods AGAIN at the thrift shop?  Double dipping bastards need to be coated in oil and cooked slowly over an open pit.


I don’t really need anything from a thrift shop or anywhere else in my home.  My home is already a cluttered, comfortable mess.  Decorated in early attic and always filled with stuff I haven’t gotten around to figuring out what to do with yet.  The only time I clean is when company is coming for a visit.  My mother, the original neat freak would not be proud.  She always cleaned as if the President were dropping for a cup of tea and some of her homemade apple pie (although no President ever visited, they would have been happy to have a slice along with some of her motherly advice on how to run the country more efficiently).


Mother grew up during the Great Depression when folks were truly poor…no 50-inch flat screen TVs, if they had a phone it was a shared party line and all her clothes were hand-me-downs which had been repaired a dozen times.  No such thing as fancy designer labels made in 3rd world countries back then!


>>Paper Towels are an expensive waste!  I bought a case of them three years ago and still have six rolls.  Why?  Because I use rags which are washable and reusable and more environmentally friendly AND they do a better job for most clean up jobs.  I save the paper towels for cleaning windows and glass (I don’t like using newspapers).


>>Making a boxed cake mix better and last longer…

Grab a box of cake mix, say one for spice cake.  Mix the ingredients as indicated and add some raisins and nuts and some extract like Rum for added flavor.  Bake in two round cake pans.  Freeze one for future use and eat the other that night.  Enjoy that dinner out but save this for dessert at home with a cup of joe or tea.  Make your own frosting and add some extract to that as well for more flavor [the extract can be added to store bought frosting too – just mix it in well].

A little health hint before I go.  When I cooked for the Roman Legions a few centuries back, they paid me in bags of salt.  My grandmother preserved all her fish, fowl and game with salt. Today, food companies put salt into everything, too much of a good thing will kill you.  Did you know your really should not take in more than 1500 grams per day!


Stay tuned for future penny pinching insights from Granny Crabapple…Meanwhile, take a peek at all these wonderful gems I’ve gathered for you!


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Store Water And Keep It Safe »
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Shampoo for Less

You can buy a gallon of concentrated shampoo online for less than $6 and the shipping costs about $10. You mix one part shampoo to nine parts of water. For about $16, you will have ten gallons of shampoo, which makes it only $1.60 per gallon of shampoo.


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Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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