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Friday, August 1, 2014

How to Help Poor Children-My Personal Plan & Pipedream


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Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.”


It’s getting progressively harder to find a good paying job these days in America — or a job at all. Just ask the 20% of American families where everyone is unemployed. Well, if you need some extra cash, the government is currently offering up to $7,400 a month to foster illegal immigrants.


Why are our leaders using our dollars to support illegals?


PBS recently aired a program which followed several recently poor-in-America families as each  cope with their new poverty, moving from shelters and motels while trying to feed, clothe and school their young children.  It nauseated me to witness this in America while hearing about the astronomical sums of money the president wants to care for thousands of illegal children.


I was always taught to take care of your own first and this nation has fallen down on that job. 



Band Aids are not the Solution


While we can spend billions on useless wars and foreign aid, we seem unable to adequately care for our vets, families, schools and infrastructure (or in the case of Detroit, we’re seeing relief agencies coming in from other countries and states to provide water!)


Politicians have a propensity for throwing money at problems, usually applying band-aid cures which seldom work.  For example, our nation spends a lot of money on education, the most in the world.  The problem is the bulk of the funds are spent on administration overhead, not on students.


Obama wants nearly $4 billion to help with the waves if illegal children invading our borders.  The problem is, the bulk of that money will be spent on more judges and law enforcement rather than the simpler solution of just returning those children to their home countries.


Poverty in America has become an industry.  Government, at all levels, employs thousands of people to administer the many overlapping programs offered to our poor.  Government workers make more money than the private sector, especially when their retirement and health care packages are factored in.  Therefore, we spend a lot of money, but a large percentage does not actually reach those in need.


If I had the money I’d set up a 15-acre training camp with 10 two-bedroom cabins to house families.  Further, I’d set up communal gardening and livestock areas, a meeting area and more designed to teach families how to be more self sufficient.

Community Set up

·         Teach kids fundamentals, the Three Rs

·         Offer basic trade training – plumbing, farming, electrical, water wells, carpentry, masonry

·         Everyone pitches in with their talents and resources, etc.

·         No drugs or alcohol allowed

·         Discipline, sports, group games – build companionship and self reliance

·         Group meals and cooking classes offered

·         Limited TV and video games, outdoor recreation to be encouraged

·         Make available a library of how-to and reference materials



This is a snapshot of my ‘dream’ project.  I believe this could be used a model for helping those who have fallen on hard times, something which has increased dramatically in the United States.  We’ve lost roughly 15% of the Middle Class in less than 10 years and it cuts across all states, all races and every ethnic group.

I was born into a country which was the wealthiest and freest in the world.  That has certainly changed for the worse under decades of inept and/or greedy leadership.

  If President Obama or the Bill Gates Foundation, for instance, [the Gate’s have very little focus on US-based projects] would throw a million or two my way, this is what I would do with what remains of my life.

For decades I helped entrepreneurs start their businesses and feel I could apply those talents to a cause such as this…I was given the President’s Supporter of Small Business award from the Small Business Administration and Entrepreneur of the Year Award from several magazines and groups including Venture, In-Business, COSE, the Network of Small Business and was profiled in more than 100 business journals and other publications.

I've also been a volunteer board member (and bell ringer) for the Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, St. Vincent de Paul and other charities throughout my life.

What are your thoughts on this?  Use the feedback form to let me know!



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Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’



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