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Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Well Location & Digging, Ways to Cut Your Cost of Living


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How To Drill Your Own Water Well

   I plan to have water in our barn which we finished renovating recently and have been exploring my options of either drilling a fresh well toward the back of the property near the barn or run a line from the existing well which will involve renting a trencher.

So are most of those I’ve consulted feel drilling another well will just mean tapping into the existing water basin and I’m better off running the additional line.

In any event, I thought I would share some of my research with you folks…

77 web pages and 49 videos entirely devoted to helping you drill your own well

You can drill your own shallow water well using PVC and household water hoses.   It is a cheap and effective way to dig your own shallow water well.  Water well drilling isn't just for the pros with huge commercial drilling rigs.  Digging a water well yourself is both interesting.
Find a good place for the well. There must be a water source, such as an open body of water or a running stream. The well should be at least 100 feet from the source, so that the ground can act as a natural filter for the water. The well will also need to be at least 100 feet from any source of contaminations, such as a dump, animal area or toilet.

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Finding an underground water supply must be done before the drilling of a well can begin. Drilling a well is common when working with undeveloped property where a piped water supply or a spring cannot be reached. Digging a well is completed by boring a hole into the earth until the underground water table is reached. Piping is then lowered down to the water table. A pumping system is installed to bring the water to the surface. Although the digging of the well is usually done by professionals, finding the water supply can be done by just about anyone

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Four Radical Ways to Cut Your Cost of Living

Cut your cost of living and you'll have greater financial security and less stress. But don't stop with coupons and sale-shopping (in fact, don't even start there). Yes, there are many little ways to spend less, but to cut your expenses dramatically you need to take more radical measures. Here are four to consider.

1. Move to Cheaper Housing

The average rent in New York City is now over $3,000 per month, and is close to $1,100 for the U.S. as a whole. But if you can move, you have options. For example, go to and sort Tucson apartment rentals by price (lowest first). You'll find pages full of studio and one-bedroom places for under $350. By the time you get to $600 per month you're looking at two-bedroom apartments in nice complexes with beautiful swimming pools and other amenities.

Not a fan of dry heat? Peruse a list of cities with the cheapest rent and find your new hometown. What if you can't leave town? There are at least ten ways to reduce your rent. If you own a home, consider...

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1 comment:

Marlon Harrington said...

I want to thank you for this information - as well as the quote at the top of the page being inspiring, I must admit I didn't realise that it was possible to dig my own water well. I keep chickens and have wanted a better way of sourcing their water for a long time. Now I know this is a possibility, I can look more into it and hopefully soon, my chooks will have their very own wishing well! :)

Marlon Harrington @ Aligned Earthworks