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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Freedom of Choice-Where does that happen?

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"I claim for the nation an education that depends only on the State,
because children of the State must be raised by members of the State."
-- Louis-René de Caradeuc de La Chalotais


Freedom of Choice in the US – You are kidding, aren’t you?


A news article on Yahoo asked what citizens would do to help pay for badly needed road repairs in this country.  Without exception everyone responded that we’re all tired of more taxes which the government promptly squanders and wastes on such things as the NSA, TSA, along with the salaries and perks of politicians and bureaucrats.


As one writer put it “We’re tired of not having a choice or say-so on anything in this country.  Politicians do as they damned well please without regard to what we, their bosses, say.”

It is true…we could fix every road and bridge in this nation if we stopped funding the DHS, TSA, NSA and other agencies that waste our dollars.  After all, with the erosion of our liberties, privacy and freedoms, many argue the terrorists have already won and Americans no longer seem to have any say in the matter.  The citizen is routinely ignored and freedom of choice in this nation is virtually gone, a distant memory of when we used to be a free and prosperous nation.

It’s not possible to do much about income taxes, or the taxes we’re forced to pay on “our” property in order to maintain the fiction we – rather than the government – “own” it.

These taxes eviscerate the “freedoms” which “the troops” are purportedly fighting for, and make a mockery of the annual summer celebration that we call the 4th of July.

I’m very happy I am no longer a child in our public school systems where kids get suspended for wearing a pro NRA shirt or for bringing a plastic knife to cut a sandwich…public schools in America are a horrible place to exercise freedom of choice and zero tolerance policies have thrown common sense right out the door.  Schools have become training camps for becoming politically correct, a place where we’re taught what to think as opposed to how to think.

There is hypocrisy in pretty much everything the government touches.  For instance, it always struck me as odd that once you turn 18 you can enter into contracts, get married, join the military and shoot people…but you can’t have a beer. (The average drinking age in the western world is 19). 

Many have argued too we usually have no choice when it comes to voting for a president as it usually boils down to a ‘choice’ between the lesser of two evils.

As the late great social critic George Carlin once put it, you have the freedom to choose Coke or Pepsi, Chevy or Ford. And that’s pretty much the extent of your freedoms…

What do you think?  You’re not one of the unthinking masses now inhabiting our country are you?

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