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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pessimism for Many this Labor Day, National Prepper Month

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The only liberty an inferior man really cherishes is the liberty to quit work, stretch out in the sun, and scratch himself.
~ H.L. Mencken



September is National Preparedness Month


The Ready Campaign established four universal building blocks of emergency preparedness: Be informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit, and Get Involved. America’s PrepareAthon! builds on this foundation by encouraging millions of Americans to focus on a simple, specific activity that will increase preparedness.

America’s PrepareAthon! a new national community-based campaign for action that focuses on increasing emergency preparedness through hazard-specific drills, group discussions and exercises. National PrepareAthon! Days are held every spring and fall. During National Preparedness Month we ask you, your family, community and workplace to take action by planning a National PrepareAthon! Day on or around September 30th. We recommend using digital media tools as a way to promote National Preparedness Month, September 1st-30th


Why I Save Different Things
Most organize-your-home experts say, "If in doubt, throw it out!" To reduce clutter, they suggest that you rid your home of all excess. I beg to differ. I've saved money keeping extra items. Often, it's cheaper and more practical to re-use items than to buy replacements


How to Buy
Used Canning Equipment

Whether you're looking for used canning jars, used canners or other second hand canning equipment, know what to look for or you'll be wasting time and money buying inferior or even dangerous equipment.
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8 Clever Uses for Leftover Charcoal

Can You Find the Best Creative Use for Colanders?


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Labor Participation Rate currently stands at 62.9%, the lowest it’s been since 1978.  “That was 36 years ago.  So, although it may not be the worst labor market in the 132 years since the first Labor Day was celebrated, it still puts a damper on our celebrations this year.”


Pessimism on Economy Has Grown Since Recession

·inAmericans are more anxious about the economy now than they were right after the Great Recession ended despite stock market gains, falling unemployment and growth moving closer to full health.

Seventy-one percent of Americans say they think the recession exerted a permanent drag on the economy, according to a survey being released Thursday by Rutgers University. By contrast, in November 2009, five months after the recession officially ended, the Rutgers researchers found that only 49 percent thought the downturn would have lasting damage.

Unions, which traditionally back the President, were up in arms over the Affordable Care Act, saying the law was turning the U.S. into a nation of part time workers.  In fact, there has been major growth in the number of part-time and temporary jobs since the recession.

  In a recent Washington Post article, the paper quoted Carrie Gleason, director of the Fair Work Week Initiative, who said: “What we’re seeing is a growing trend of low-quality part-time jobs.  It’s creating this massive unproductive workforce that is unable to productively engage in their lives or in the economy.”




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