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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dude-Who Stole My Country, My Wallet, My Freedom?

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He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself. ~Thomas Paine

Hey Dude, who stole my country, my wallet?

There was a time when America truly was synonymous with the tagline Land of the Free. However, that statement is becoming less and less truthful.

There can be no denying that the United States of America has become the new battlefield. Indeed, the only real war being fought by the U.S. government today is the war on the American people, and it is being waged with deadly weapons, militarized police, surveillance technology, laws that criminalize otherwise lawful behavior, private prisons that operate on quota systems, and government officials who are no longer accountable to the rule of law.

Snowden revealed the lengths to which our country is going in order to monitor all our communications, and our government insists on continuing this Orwellian type of surveillance. Despite committee findings showing that not one single act of terrorism has been thwarted by these unconstitutional practices.

Personally, I am tired of what I call the Great American Stickup by the Washington-Wall Street Cartel,  which has robbed the middle class.  Both parties have sold us out creating a sort of national suicide with its lack of leadership which has proven [at least to me and most of my readers] that a smaller government and individual liberty is what always worked best for this country.  Those principles were what attracted immigrants to this country.

As the White House and Congress [state governments too] erode our rights, our freedom and privacy we lose sight of the concepts that made our country strong.

You and I have been screwed by our government.

Think about this…in 1971 if you had $35 in your pocket.  Today, it is worth only $2.80 and inflation is robbing you every month.

Americans are getting poorer. As the New York Times writes:

“The inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical household was $87,992 in 2003. Ten years later, it was only $56,334, or a 36 percent decline...Those are the figures for a household at the median point in wealth distribution – the point at which there are an equal number of households whose worth is higher and lower. But during the same period, the net worth of wealthy households increased substantially.”

That number is bad enough.  The typical US household has had its net worth decline by 36% in a decade when adjusted for inflation.  But, it's worse than that.  That inflation number, be sure to remember, is the inflation figure adjusted by the government's CPI which heavily understates inflation. Money printing (which is what inflation is which causes the symptom of price inflation) has averaged more than 7% per annum since 2003... That is more than triple what the US government states for inflation.  If accounted for properly the real decline in a typical household's net worth is well higher than 50%!  

As USA Today once wrote, “ really can say that our long national post-financial crisis nightmare is over.” These are lies. The percentage of Americans actually working is between 50 and 60%. The unemployment number, on the surface, is a farce. The federal government does not include the millions of unemployed Americans who no longer want a job and have thus “left the labor force.” The employment-population ratio has now been under 59 percent for 51 months

>>Did you sign up for Obamacare?  Nearly everyone who did is finding their rates are already going up and guess who is exempt from this emerging nightmare?  You guessed it – Congress, the President and his family, the Supreme Court, and more than 1,200 corporations.

Did you also know the IRS, with the help of the NSA, no longer considers your emails private?

>>An IRS agent can search your emails at any time, on a mere whim.  They don’t need a warrant or a judge’s approval, they don’t need to ask your permission nor do they need to tell you about it – period!

In fact, electronic spying on citizens is a financial bonanza for the government, even local government is searching your facebook and twitter accounts in the hopes of snaring you.  Big Brother must be fed and we have more costly laws on the books than any other nation.  No one, not even lawyers can keep up with this regulatory mess.

Isn’t the Land of the Free exciting?

The only way to win this war is for Americans to stand strong, stand together and stand up to the menace that is our run-away government.

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