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Sunday, September 14, 2014

CA Firefighters Fined for Overuse of Water? Are Your Bad Habits Public Information?

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Volunteer Firefighters in CA to be Fined for Overuse of Water?


The headline is fictional [maybe] but the drought in CA will lead to higher prices for produce and will devastate many farmers…like most other crisis it won’t put a hold on President Obama’s golf game.  Water shortages in the southwest seldom create concern in the rest of the nation but your produce prices will certainly go up this year.


It has always struck me as a peculiar the habit of politicians to fine folks for using water when they should be paying them to create desalination projects as they have in some Arabian nations.


If you store nothing else for emergencies - store water. Without water, you will die.  It’s that plain and that simple. So spend a little money and a little bit of time now ensuring that you will have water in the future, come what may.


Dangers Of Non-Purified Or Untreated Water

When people drink untreated water, even from a stream in the mountains, it can be dangerous and even deadly if the following bacteria and parasites are present: cholera, typhoid, dysentery, flukes, leeches, giardia, cryptosporidium, hepatitis A and E. coli. The pathogens can cause vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, fever, abdominal cramping and extreme pain. Typhoid can cause extremely high fever and illness. Some of them are waterborne and get into the water through fecal matter. Giardia is a parasite that attaches to the intestines of humans and animals. Symptoms include severe headaches, inflamed liver, weakness, anorexia and jaundice and can be fatal.


In our Poor Man/Minimalist classes held over the years we’ve taught that everyone should store up one gallon per person per day for emergencies.  The use of 55-gallon plastic drums to catch rainwater is something we use along with refilling sterilized one gallon plastic jugs with tap water.


Water stored in this fashion will eventually go ‘stale.’  To delay that process we add a few drops of household bleach to each gallon.  When being readied for use with pour it out into another container and back again several times to add oxygen [and taste].


If you’re really concerned, treat the water with chemicals or boil it first.  You can purchase purification tablets in the camping aisle at any Walmart.  While visiting consider grabbing a collapsible 5-gallon portable container to use for home storage or your local supermarket offers water in a variety of sizes and containers.


In 1985 I did a study for the Bottled Water Association and Beverage Industry Magazine  which essentially told them Americans would buy bottled water over local tap water if they played up the pure, deep acquafier element to the public.  It worked but now I am not so sure it was a good idea as bottled water is now an environmental nightmare due to its plastic waste implications.


We use a whole-house water filter and a tap filter from Brita to keep our tap water tasting good [we have both well water and city water].  I’m not very familiar with ION treated water but have included the site below which sells it.  You might her resources of use and you might wish to look at other methods of treatment including peroxide.


How to Purify Water With Hydrogen Peroxide


ION Stabilized Oxygen

ION is one of our products for water treatment. ION (Aerobic Oxygen) uses Arloxy of America's secret formula of negatively charged aerobic oxygen, used to purify drinking water. Superior to chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, this formulation is actually good for you, with preliminary evidence suggesting it destroys harmful bacteria and cleans poisons out of the system



   Quick Obamacare Update: Your bad habits are now public information!

  I’ve reported on this previously but after needing to switch to an Obamacare health plan I’ve seen further proof that anyone who participates must be prepared to give up even more of their privacy.

Your personal information is now public record and is shared among a myriad of agencies including insurance agencies, the IRS, DHS [you could be a terrorist seeking US health insurance], the Justice Department, the TSA and more.


Each visit to a medical facility will see that ALL of your information is now electronically uploaded to a government database [eventually, they’ll sell this information to Wall Street businesses]…The upshot:  be very careful what information you provide!


Of course, you do not own any weapons, do any kind of illegal drugs, do not drink alchohol, etc…at least I don’t.


In the supermarket don’t assume bigger is cheaper.  Sometimes the largest size costs more per unit.  Always check per-unit price.  Bring a calculator along if it isn’t posted on the shelf.


Obamacare Hits 250,000 Virginians With Canceled Policies, Extends Opportunity To Buy More Expensive Ones »
Last year, U.S. wages and consumer spending fell, even as spending on healthcare costs increased. That’s got to be especially good news for the quarter million people in Virginia who are learning their existing health plans will be canceled this fall


Despite state and federal exchanges adding approximately 8.1 million enrollees this year, according to the July 2014 Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll, 53% of respondents had an unfavorable view of the law, which was the highest reading since KFF began taking records back in April 2010.  



10 Clever Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide


When Buying a New Car

>If you can, rent the one you are interested in first for a few days.  If it doesn’t click with you by day three, don’t buy it.

>Instead of traditional car review site, check your on YouTube-you’ll get unfiltered reviews.


Before You Buy Bleach

I began to notice I was using more and more bleach to whiten my dish towels when I put them in the wash. I was buying the cheapest bleach on the shelf. When I compared the cheaper brands with Clorox® or other name brand, I found that the actual bleaching chemical in the cheaper bleach is about one half (or less) of the bleaching element in the name brand. Read on the bottle how much "active ingredient" is in the bleach


How to Make Anything A rallying cry: we live in an age of resurgent self-reliance. So consider this a call to action: Whether it's a lamp or limoncello, we hope a project here will inspire the urgent desire to build something...


The most germ laden object in motel isn’t the bathroom, it is the remote control…it is wise to carry disinfecting alcohol wipes in your travel kit!


New Gardening App – Growit!

While entrepreneurs around my neck of the woods are scarce, Mason Day developed a mobile app  called Growit!  The free app allows users to access local plant ratings and new gardeners can search for highly rated plants based on color, light requirements and other factors. The program can be downloaded from the iTunes store.


Find More DIY and Homemade ideas here:



 Will You Laugh or Cry at the Coming Food Price Spikes?


So far this summer, the drought that has decimated most of the fertile growing areas in California as well as 11 other states and has continued to scorch what crop land that remains.

The bad news is that there is no relief in sight. Most farmers are just plain giving up and are now refusing to plant as the losses mount up from previous years of farming in what has turned into a desert. In Fact, it's so bad that Tim Quinn, the executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies said...

 "There are places in California that if we don't do something about it, tens of thousands of people could turn on their water faucets and nothing would come out."

The result? As you might expect -
Food prices going through the roof while the average American's income stands still.

Here's the most important part of all this. To most Americans this is just another news story. But please listen up: This is the worst potential "food crisis our country has ever faced." Period.

Here's why:

During the last drought-induced food crisis which took place during the Dust Bowl days, folks knew how to hunker down, live on less and grow their own food.

That's not the case today. The average American today doesn't know how to live on less, let alone grow their own food.


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