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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Property Owner or Sharecropper? Disputing Unfair Property Taxes

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Property Taxes: Paying for property you never truly own.

In Wayne County Michigan there are 20,000 properties up for auction for non-payment of property taxes.  Thousands of families will be booted off land they bought but could not keep up with eternal government ransom demands.  This is the same county which because of corruption and incompetence lost more than $100 million of tax dollars on a jail which will never be built.

The government tries its best too continually to find new ways to raid your wallet through higher taxes, user fees, sales taxes, and other hidden costs …our county even inserts a $145 annual fee into its property taxes for trash removal.  [Something I don’t use, don’t want and did not order but someone’s brother-in-law is getting paid off because we have NO CHOICE in the matter]. In either case, you never really own your property, you are a sharecropper, an indentured servant.


 Each year county governments seize millions of homes and other properties when property taxes are not paid.  There are ways to beat the tax man (without going to jail) including meeting with your local assessor and filing an appeal.


Each county has different procedures to filing such appeals.  Most often it begins with a visit to their office to learn what similar properties in your area were assessed at and obtaining the necessary forms and instructions from the assessor’s office.


I did this for my father who had been paying $5000 for a postage stamp sized lot in Michigan [MI has some of the highest property taxes in the nation].  I discovered a senior and military service exemption he had not taken advantage of which gave him an immediate reduction in what he had been paying.


If you are a senior, disabled, on military duty, etc. it will pay to see if your area offers tax relief.  In many areas some counties are offering a property tax work-off program to help reduce or even eliminate your tax bill.


Learn more by asking your local government or inquire at a senior citizens or taxpayer assistance program…keep in mind, few governments publicize such programs.  Your AARP membership can also help you to understand and/or cope with various tax schemes.  Call one of their volunteers at 888-227-7669 or visit their website for details.



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Here’s a site which can assist you in lowering your cable or satellite bill and even your cell phone bill and credit card bills (I always recommend using pre-paid plans especially if teens are involved].  Visit this site and sign up for their service:



   Save cash by using rags instead of paper towels and paper napkins.  They’re reusable, just throw them into your washer and use over and over again.




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Men and women think differently as author John Gray famously points out in his best-seller, “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus,” and this difference extends to how they grocery shop, finds a new report by The NPD Group, a leading global information company.





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 Will You Laugh or Cry at the Coming Food Price Spikes?


So far this summer, the drought that has decimated most of the fertile growing areas in California as well as 11 other states and has continued to scorch what crop land that remains.

The bad news is that there is no relief in sight. Most farmers are just plain giving up and are now refusing to plant as the losses mount up from previous years of farming in what has turned into a desert. In Fact, it's so bad that Tim Quinn, the executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies said...

 "There are places in California that if we don't do something about it, tens of thousands of people could turn on their water faucets and nothing would come out."

The result? As you might expect -
Food prices going through the roof while the average American's income stands still.

Here's the most important part of all this. To most Americans this is just another news story. But please listen up: This is the worst potential "food crisis our country has ever faced." Period.

Here's why:

During the last drought-induced food crisis which took place during the Dust Bowl days, folks knew how to hunker down, live on less and grow their own food.

That's not the case today. The average American today doesn't know how to live on less, let alone grow their own food.


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