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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Follies: 11 Ways to Know our Nation is Run by Idiots, Canadians Warned About USA, More

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"Individuality is freedom lived."
-- John Dos Passos
(1896-1970) American novelist


Here’s our Friday roundup of government follies which could have an adverse affect on your freedoms…


Funny but sad if it weren’t so true…

Eleven ways to know if you live in a country run by "idiots"


Canadian Government Warns Citizens to Watch Out for US Police Robbing Them

Over 61,000 of these incidents have occurred since 9/11, resulting in $2.5 billion being seized. American police are targeting their northern neighbors, according to a travel warning from the Canadian government.


FBI Facial Recognition System Is Now Fully Operational

According to MyFoxNY, the Federal Bureau of Investigation just launched its Next Generation Identification program, which is made up of two databases called Rap Back and Interstate Photo System. The Interstate Photo System facial recognition service, according to a press release by the FBI, “will provide the nation’s law enforcement community with an investigative tool that provides an image-searching capability of photographs associated with criminal identities.” Rap Back delivers criminal record status updates on individual suspects of interest who might have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in other jurisdictions.


Economic Patriotism: U.S. Ranks Near Last In Tax Competitiveness

As Democrats clamor to punish U.S. businesses who seek more favorable tax climates by relocating abroad, a new report finds that only two developed nations on the entire planet have a tax code less friendly to business than the United States. Read More…

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- the emerging markets known as BRICS -- created a bank meant to rival the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund. It's designed to provide an alternative to the dollar-centric institutions, and increase the value of their own currencies around the globe.

"The next real war we fight is likely to be on American soil. Our civilian-military face-off"

All governments need crisis, no matter how much lip service they give to the idea of “peace.” Crisis is a well-known Machiavellian strategy to gain and solidify political power and persuade public opinion. Crisis provides the stage where governments can control all sides. We also sometimes call this the ‘Wag the Dog’ syndrome, diverting the attention of the citizen away from how the government is relieving them of their rights or cash or both.


Conventional Wisdom Is A Mass Illusion »
A recent poll by Rasmussen found that more than one-third of Americans had no clue which parties control the House and Senate. What a sad commentary that such a basic bit of information — taken for granted by this audience — is lost on an American populace so distracted by bread and circuses. More »


Injustice Department? Telephone call reveals Holder's lawless agency

A story that should have -- or would have -- garnered more coverage by major news organizations failed to achieve its proper attention thanks to the frenzy over the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria's murderous rampage, the media's obsession with football star Ray Rice's domestic violence story, and the media's knee-jerk protection of a failed President Barack Obama. In fact, not one Sunday morning news show even mentioned how the Justice Department attempted to conspire with a Democrat lawmaker to allegedly sabotage the probe of the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative nonprofit organizations.  More at:


NSA Continues to Spy on Germany

It's no secret that the NSA's spies have been busy in Germany. However, it's now apparent that their activities in the country may reach much further than just targeting important leaders and suspects. Der Spiegel has published leaks showing that the US agency broke into the networks of both tech giant Deutsche Telekom and regional provider Netcologne as part of an effort to map as much of the internet as possible…



“I tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The U.S. government will lead the American people in — and the West in general — into an unbearable hell and a choking life.”—Osama bin Laden (October 2001), as reported by CNN


Obama is Like Nero, Fiddling While We Burn


What a strange and harrowing road we’ve walked since September 11, 2001, littered with the debris of our once-vaunted liberties. We have gone from a nation that took great pride in being a model of a representative democracy to being a model of how to persuade a freedom-loving people to march in lockstep with a police state.

What began with the passage of the USA Patriot Act in October 2001 has snowballed into the eradication of every vital safeguard against government overreach, corruption and abuse.


The breadth of global instability unfolding hasn’t been seen since the 1970s [or WWI and WWII] and we’ve never had a leader so ill equipped to handle the global chaos we see.


John Kerry reminds me of Neville Chamberlain during WWII, sucking up to Hitler and nothing makes the world more unsafe than American weakness.  Since 2008 we have seen the administration more interested in spying on its allies and own citizens while brushing off dangerous enemies. 


My relatives in Germany tell me the majority of the country no longer likes or trusts America. In July, German Chancellor Merkel ordered our CIA station chief to leave the country.  Other leaders in that nation chastised her for not being forceful enough. It is fair to say we have managed to alienate our friends while emboldening radical Islamic terrorists.


Although not reported in US news channels, Germany is growing its army into a EuroArmy.  For the first time in history a European army handed over part of its army to another…The Dutch Army handed over 11th Airmobile brigade to the German military.


It is easy to see why so many recognize the huger power vacuum we’ve caused in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Yet, many of our poorly educated wish more of the same by cheering Mrs. Clinton on to run for president – our nation does not need spineless leadership. Those who support more of the same are just another special breed of idiot.


Finally, a new trade agreement which creates a powerful trading bloc has been reach between Europe and four countries in South America [Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay].


Ultimately, the ramifications for our country means we’ll likely be left out in the cold and will no longer call the shots.

Long time readers already know how I feel about out our lack of leadership, our incredible unmanageable debt and the un-Patriot Act – it is an affront to every freedom loving American, which seems to be a shrinking class of citizen!

If you are among the thinking, consider:  Sign the Petition to Repeal the Patriot Act


Yours in freedom,

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