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Monday, September 15, 2014

Free PVC Pipe & Garden Shed Plans, Disaster Proof Your Church and More!

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Free plans and pictures of PVC pipe projects.

Because PVC comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can use this inexpensive piping to create almost anything. 

For the do-it-yourselfer, polyvinylchloride pipe, also known as PVC pipe, is as indispensible as duct tape. Designed as an alternative to lead or copper pipes, PVC has quickly become the full-sized equivalent of tinker toys: useful for constructing everything from lightweight trellises to greenhouses and garden carts.

One of my favorite DIY projects involving PVC duct is a marshmallow gun.  Similar to the PVC potato guns my father and uncle would make when we were younger, a marshmallow gun is simple, inexpensive, and SAFE for your little ones to play with.

If you are searching for a quick and easy PVC project, here are some ideas.




Getting an Agriculture Education at the Farm School

From growing broccoli to developing a business plan, the farm school helped us hatch a plan.




The Blaze is running a fascinating profile of a guy who’s working on a sprawling underground bunker complex for families to retreat to when Doomsday drops. The Kansas caverns are 100 feet to 150 feet below the surface and have a constant natural temperature in the low 70s.


How to make sourdough starter
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Buy 'Made in the USA'



Keep your frugal going with these resources!


6 Frugal Things to Do in September

5 Simple Home Remedies for Your Stuffy Nose

Where to Find Free Local Coupons

8 Black Belt Budgeting Tips


Find More DIY and Homemade ideas here:

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What would happen if the next big tornado struck the day of your worship service or community event?  Would your organization know what to do? Religious and Community leaders are among the first and most trusted sources of risk-communication and crisis leadership not only within their organization, but in the neighborhoods and communities where they serve, they have a central role when disasters strike. 

We are encouraging religious and community leaders to include disaster readiness information in their organizations bulletins, website, or speak on the importance of disaster readiness bringing the congregation’s attention to the importance of disaster preparedness.

One example of a faith community taking action is Crenshaw Christian Church, who is hosting their 2nd annual Preparedness Sunday on September 14, 2014. Activities include kicking off their new Youth Preparedness initiative alongside the City of Los Angeles, American Red Cross and the DHS Center for Faith-based & Neighborhood Partnerships.

Do you want to inform your congregation and/or organization on disaster readiness and teach your house of worship the importance of being ready if a natural or man-made disaster strikes? Check out the Faith Based Community of Practice and Community Based Community of Practice for tons of great resources to aid you in increasing preparedness in your organization or to share how you are taking action this September.


 Find the resources YOU WILL NEED here:



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