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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Rise of the Part Time Worker in America

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The Rise of the Part Time Worker

While fast food workers demonstrate for higher wages, many are planting disinformation about how raising the minimum wage will kill businesses and raise the price of food.  Really?  It never has in the past.  What hurts business are onerous regulations and an outdated tax system

The Poor Man has always said, simply STOP taxing the first $25,000 of income at ALL levels for every person.  This will provide an immediate raise and it won’t cost businesses a cent.  The cost of living is rising faster than the average person can keep up thanks to the Fed.

The US, at 35%, has the highest corporate tax rate in the world which is why so many US firms have moved overseas.  We have only short sighted politicians to blame for a crap economy.

The Washington-Wall Street Cartel is Shafting the US Worker

People are disenchanted with the existing system. They don’t trust the government, they don’t trust the banks, and they don’t trust the media and they’ve Lost confidence in government.

If you were to ask 10 Americans if they have confidence in Congress, less than one would now say yes.

And it’s not just disgust with the legislature. It’s all of government. Confidence in President Obama is at its lowest level ever.

There's a reason America is floundering economically. There's a reason for the ever-widening divide between the "haves" and the "have-nots" in the United States that we’ve not seen since the Great Depression.

Our country is no longer a free market, capitalist republic.  America has devolved into a socialist plutocracy..

Since 1979 we've gone from a high of 19.5 million manufacturing jobs to 11.5 million at the start of the recession in 2009. Our combined governments now employ more people than our manufacturing sector. That's a shocking amount of job loss. Ever since the U.S. economy has been globalized, we've seen a steady stream of jobs going overseas to much cheaper labor markets like China and Mexico and other third-world nations.

In fact, there are a number of shocking facts that explain what has happened to workers since we started killing off our manufacturing and shipping jobs overseas which General Electric began in the mid-1980s:

·         The U.S. Department of Commerce data shows that “U.S. multinational corporations, the big brand-name companies that employ a fifth of all American workers… cut their work forces in the U.S. by 2.9 million during the 2000s while increasing employment overseas by 2.4 million.”

·         When NAFTA was passed in 1993, it was sold to the public as a job creator. The Peterson Institute for International Economics predicted that 170,000 jobs would be created in the U.S. during the first two years alone. The opposite happened. According to the Economic Policy Institute, NAFTA has contributed to a net loss of one million U.S. jobs by 2004.

·         According to Public Citizen, over 845,000 American workers lost their jobs because their factories were moved to Canada and Mexico. These folks have had to go on Trade Adjustment Assistance, which provides up to 117 weeks of cash payments in addition to regular unemployment insurance.

So instead of being gainfully employed by American companies, these displaced workers have their salaries taken care of by taxpayers. It's a win for big business: they can reap bigger profits from lower wages while the taxpayers are on the hook for $234,126,500 a year in Trade Adjustment Assistance and another $43,227,212 annually for Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance and many of these firms park their profits overseas, out of reach of the US tax system.

For those lucky enough to find a new full-time job – Two-thirds of them took a pay cut of 20% or more.

The Rise of the Part-Time Worker

While "official" government statistics* have shown a steady increase in job numbers since 2009, it is the kind of jobs created that is worrisome. Almost 20% of the entire labor force is working part-time. This has been a 30-year trend, which has only accelerated since the recession.

This is alarming for a couple of reasons. For one, part-time workers rarely get employer benefits, so that burden for health care and other benefits is kicked to the taxpayer.   

That's why the stock market is hitting all-time highs while the quality of life for the rest of us is going down the tubes.

It's also great for government employment stats, since they can put part-timers on their fancy reports and count one person working three jobs as THREE workers! For example, in June the jobs report claimed to have added 288,000 jobs — that's 52 consecutive months of reported job growth. What they didn't mention in the headlines is that full-time jobs actually dropped by 530,000 from May.

·         Before the crash in 2007, the average household in the top 5% of earners had 16.5 times as much wealth as the average U.S. household. Now the top 5% has 24 times as much wealth as the average overall household.

·         The top 20% of U.S. households watched their income grow by an average of $8,358 a year from the crash until 2012. The lowest 20% of earners? They witnessed a $275 decline per year. And that is data right from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

·         The average wage for new jobs is 23% less than the average annual wage of jobs that were lost during the recession.. And while the latest jobs report bragged that the economy gained 209,000 jobs, there was zero wage growth.**

I believe a major stock market correction is in our future. Stock prices continue to rise to all-time heights, all based on one thing: the Fed being forced to keep printing fake money so Wall Street and stock investors can get rich on the misery of the rest of us…several years ago I pulled all my investments out of the stock market and put it into farm land and bullion.


*Over the past 12 months more full-time jobs were created overall according to economist Scott Anderson with the Bank of the West.  He also says we still have 3.2 million who have given up finding work which will affect our long-term economic growth.


**Wage growth has essentially been zero but some argue it has averaged two percent, less than the rate of inflation.  For a wage increase to have any meaningful impact it would have to be in 4% area but most Americans haven’t had a real raise since the 1970s when the cost of living is factored in.



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