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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Financial Strategies When the Dollar Collapses

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Quiet Wealth Strategies if the Dollar Crashes

Most Americans are too frightened to consider what would happen if the economy crumbled, or if the government resorted to drastic measures to make up for its hideous errors.

One of the ingenuous avenues for accumulating quiet wealth — assets that are easily overlooked and transported — is through stamps, rare coins and other collectibles. Not only is this a largely ignored asset class, but it is outside the regular market turmoil. As a result, the values of stamps, rare coins and collectibles aren’t influenced by market crashes because the prices aren’t driven by investors. They are driven by collectors.

When I attended ASU there a lot of wealthy Arab students who all seemed to own expensive vehicles and tons of gold jewelry…something most brought into the country without declaration to customs and easily converted to cash if they needed.

Since its peak in 2011, the price of the precious metal has fallen 56% to about $19.50 today. In comparison, gold has fallen just about 30%. Part of this is due to the fact that silver has supply-and-demand factors in multiple industries that influence price, while gold demand is pretty much limited to those who want to store it safely in a vault.

Often, silver falls in the shadow of its favored cousin, gold.  However, the precious metal grabbed headlines last week when a 117-year-old tradition came to an end.

Until last week, the price of silver had been decided, or “fixed,” each day at noon in London by representatives from three different banks. The process was conducted in private and it was all very secretive.

Now, regulators have finally dragged the silver “fix” into the 21st century in an effort to improve transparency and reduce the risk of price manipulation. The new system, called the London Silver Price, is run by CME Group and Thomson Reuters. It uses trading on the over-the-counter market and determines the price through an algorithm

Silver could see an additional pop in demand as investors hedge against the fiscal disorder our country is in. Like gold, silver is a valuable precious metal that will gain in value as fiat currencies crumble and fall. Your smartest move is to get in while the price of the metal is low.

The United States is slipping deeper into a crisis that it can’t escape without resorting to a massive wealth confiscation..our government is preparing for civil chaos in just such an event.  Are you?

There are options, ranging from offshore asset protection, second passports, real estate, rare metals, collectibles, art, hard goods such as weapons and ammunition and other items historically used to preserve and hide wealth, goods which can be bartered and so on.

Have you begun looking into quiet wealth with collectibles? Or real estate? Have you started making your list of places you’d consider for a second residence?  Many of my ancestors got out of Germany just in time during the start of WWII, often concealing assets by sewing diamonds, gold and other jewelry into the hems of clothing.

Ironically, just as Hitler levied an exit tax on citizens who wished to leave Germany, the United States now does the same!  One of the most successful con jobs in the history of the world has been the concept of unbacked paper currency… or fiat money.

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