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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Need Money? Look at Mini-Grants & Fundraisers

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   A number of years ago I owned publishing company which offered business oriented newsletters, newspapers and regional trade shows.  My banker was pretty good in that he gave me a $25,000 line of credit and a credit card with a $50,000 spending limit. 


Most people starting a business usually tap such sources or what we call the “Hip National Bank.”  I employed many creative means of finance too including a private raffle among family, friends and business associates.  The winners received weekend package trips to Toronto including airfare, hotel and entertainment venues.  I had bartered these trips with Air Canada and it worked well for me.


If your need is smaller, or perhaps you’re involved with a school, church or charity, you might consider these steps to secure financing.

Finding a Mini-Grant

Mini-grants, or small grants, are generally defined as grants that are $10,000 or less. Those grants can often be made quickly, for many types of situations, without a need for the recipient to fill out reams of paperwork. Although not all foundations make small grants, there are foundations of all sizes and types that do. To receive a small grant, nonprofits generally have to meet well-defined criteria and have IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Mini grants are highly sought after because it is often easier to get and obtain several mini grants then it is to get one large grant to cover costs. Not only is the process of getting a mini grant sometime easier then getting a larger grant, they are usually easier to maintain. Most mini grants are given in the matter of one lump sum and require little paper work after the grant money is given.


Most often individuals must partner with non-profit groups to qualify for grants of any kind.  This can mean your church, service organization [Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.], your school or other group.


Examples of Mini Grants Available

·         The Captain Planet Foundation offers several annual grants to elementary through high school students for projects involving the environment. Projects the mini grant may be able to fund include projects such as "Adopt A Stream", organic gardening, community gardening and recycling projects.

·         Michigan Council for Arts, Culture and Film Affairs offers a regional grant to promote activities and events that will create a environment of artistic, creative and cultural activity around Michigan. Mini grants are up to $4,000 but can add up to no more than half the cost.

Read more here and find other useful and free resources:


   Some people, myself included, use contributions to get their projects up and running on fund raising sites such as Kickstarter.  It didn’t work for me in securing funding for our teaching farm [I’ve paid for it out of pocket on a ‘as we can afford it’ basis] but this should not discourage you from trying it. For the most part, these work best if you already have a network of supportive people in place.



Grab some free printable coupons here:


Additional useful gems for making life better

With the rising prices of food, I found a great, easy way to make my own vegetable stock. I quarter a couple of onions, split several carrots and ribs of celery, crush several garlic cloves, and toss all of it into my slow cooker. I then cover the veggies with water and let the slow cooker do its thing overnight. In the morning, I have stock that took very little effort to make, and it's much cheaper than $3 a quart.

If you suffer from acid indigestion, skip the commercial antacids and try these easy home remedies:








Find DIY and Homemade ideas here:



Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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