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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

16 Tips for Keeping Warm & Reducing Winter Bills-Start by Snuggling Together

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16 Ways To Keep Warm And Reduce Your Bills In Winter


   Having moved from a warm climate where we worried about keeping cool to a cold climate with often unpredictable weather was a bit of challenge.  Last winter was brutal and the Farmer’s Almanac says this one will be just as bad.

Of course, we caulked and insulated well so last year’s heating bills never got out of control.  We also make use of newer,more efficient space heaters early in the season rather than turning on the furnace…why heat the whole house if you only need a room or two?

Successive nights of several degrees below freezing would seem to leave you with two basic options a) spend more money b) shiver. Sitting there freezing is not really a good option – and I know about this from experience in my younger days, having experienced several winters in places with no central heating and at some times having had no heating at all! It’s unpleasant and probably bad for your health.

Turning up the dial and spend more money will keep the place warm, but that isn’t always ideal either! Heating is one of the most expensive uses of home energy. The good news is that there are many things you can do to cut your heating costs – and some of them are surprisingly simple. Our friends over at Home Made Home Ideas put together several practical ideas.

Some of these ideas have an interesting “low tech” / survival angle – for example “How To Heat A Room For $0.12 A Day” - be aware however that using just candles for heating will produce some condensation.

Bonus tip: One of my favorite tips for keeping a place warmer is to hang thick blankets or even duvets across doorways and windows. Much of the heat is lost through doors and windows and this simple, free tip will help you make the most of your existing heating.

Heat Loss
Winter is approaching. Would you like to keep the glacial wind out of your house? Are cold floors and drafts common in your house? Will you resign yourselves to feel miserable the whole winter? How informed are you about potential leaks in your house? Do you know how to detect those leaks and how to take care of them? A little time and work will keep the heat indoors, and as a result, your health, your home and your wallet will benefit. Read more.

Winter energy savings for renters - you don't need to own your home to save on heating bills
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 ANOTHER USEFUL TIP:  Snuggle up with each other!

Winterizing Tips

Check pressure in your vehicle's tires. Either today or the next time you get gasoline. If you have a gauge (cost about $3), you can do it at home.

Check your car's oil. If you don't know how to do it, check your owner's manual or do an online search for your make, model and "check oil instructions."

Service your furnace. Check burners or heating coils. Check blower fans. Call for professional service if needed.


Commonly available household disinfectants:  Read this information carefully and see manufacturers instruction before use. These are not harmless cleaners.

Hydrogen peroxide

Rubbing alcohol






Save even more cash with these‘Poor Man Survival Tips!

The Frugal Kitchen: Eggs
I think that many of you out there have the same goals that I do when feeding my family. I do my best to cook from scratch, to provide well-balanced meals and snacks and to do so on a budget, always looking for new recipes, tricks and tips to save in this area (one of the few areas I feel like I can control!). One of the ways I'm trying to accomplish these goals is by really thinking about nutritional items that are inexpensive and diverse in the kitchen. This post I'll talk about my favorite: Eggs
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How to Prevent Freezer Burn
We've all done it. You pull some meat or a left-over casserole out of the freezer, unwrap it, and it just doesn't look right. Your meat has turned grey, or the casserole is encased in ice crystals. What you have is called freezer burn, and it is a result of food not being properly wrapped or left too long in the freezer.




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