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Friday, October 31, 2014

We Deceive-You Believe: The Election Delusion

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"If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket
would be elected swineherd every time,
no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side."

-- Orson Scott Card


Vote for Me and I’ll Set You Free


Our national delusion, politicians asking us to swallow the same lies every two years…the motto of both parties:  “We Deceive-You Believe!”

Our every-other-year national election delusion fills the airwaves with streams of outright crap from politicians promising change…in 45 years of voting, the only change I see is the erosion of our freedom and the Bill of Rights and the bankrupting of a once prosperous nation!  Both parties are guilty of screwing taxpayers while feathering their own nest.

Our economic and political system is in collapse and there’s no way to fix it from inside the system.


It’s a systemic crisis.  The systems we rely upon aren’t viable. 


They haven’t been for a long time.  Every year we are worse off than the year before.


A political fix, switch, or reform isn’t going to do the job.


I’m damned tired of the political crap that flows from the mouths of lying politicians and I’m tired of people who don’t give a damn about what happens to this country…You can’t fix stupid and it pervades our populace like a disease. 


We have apathetic and ignorant Americans deciding these elections…

Political pundits always call for hordes of informed voters to appear out of the mist, then wonder aloud why so many people are disinterested in politics. Why do people care more about the Kardashians and the NFL?  It is apparent to me that most people feel alienated from the political system. We have in place a system of rational ignorance and rational apathy.

Economic inequality is normally the single biggest harbinger of revolution, and inequality in America has reached catastrophic proportions.  The Washington-Wall Street Cartel and its self-serving, greedy policies has devastated the middle class and hooked them on their drug of choice – FALSE HOPE.


Everything will get better if you just vote for me!

A quick look at our history during the past five decades will prove that the American sucker will buy the political and corporate bullshit every time.

 Both parties have worked hard to destroy the middle class, bankrupt the nation and to erode our liberties.  They are equal-opportunity destroyers.

However, the idea of another American revolution is generally discounted by most experts due to two factors:


·        The difficulties of managing and organizing a mass uprising is unlikely because the average American can barely tie their shoes let alone get off their cell phone to coordinate such an uprising and…

·        Stupidity among most citizens now reigns supreme in the United States.  More mainstream television hosts are even squawking about how dumb Americans have become and we’re the topic of jokes from the foreign press to the likes of Jay Leno’s old Streetwalking segments and Bill O’Reilly’s show, the Factor where street interviews show college kids cannot even name the current VP or who our first president was…public schools have done a wonderful job dumbing down students in order to make them easier to control and bamboozle.  Kids today are more infatuated with the next rave rather than how a college education indebted them or how few good jobs are available…instead, let’s get that next overpriced cell phone- that’s the most important thing in my life!


With a wink and a nod those seeking reelection like to tout how much they want to serve the people [while slinging mud at their opponent] when in reality, they enjoy the pay and perks and lifetime pensions that go with a short time in office…sure beats the private sector!


Why do think bottom feeders like the Clintons have only held government posts, even moving to New York where they suckered zombie voters to elect Mrs. Clinton to office…they sure got out of politics with a boat load of cash, didn’t they!


Would you want someone like Obama managing your family finances?  I would hope not, you’re debt would be inherited by 12 generations of your offspring!


Voting is a crapshoot but in 45 years of voting I cannot see how it has done any good…our nation is still headed south in terms of its finances and freedoms! It is obvious one cannot trust elected leaders. We seem to welcome incompetence in government. Obama is just the latest example.


 The NSA, for example, was meant to spy on foreign activities, not US citizens at large.  Many believe that we truly have a single party system despite the outward appearances.  The strings are all pulled by corporate interests and the people have no real voice in what goes on in Washington or in state capitols.


In the end Americans all take it up their collective arse and they seem to enjoy financing the entire process as well…enjoy your night of tricking and treating as most of us know who really gets tricked on election day.


American people don’t believe that we can have economic collapse followed by economic and social chaos. They suffer from normalcy bias.



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The U.S. dollar is progressively buying less and less. The middle class and savers are impoverished. I often use that word, “impoverishment,” because that is exactly what has happening for 100 years, ever since the beginning of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.


That’s my political rant for the week – what do you think?


Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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