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Monday, November 3, 2014

Proven Ways to Cut Everyday Expenses

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6 Simple Ways to Cut Everyday Expenses

By the time you pay your rent or mortgage, electric bill, cable, cellphone and car payment, you don’t have nearly as much left over as you’d hoped. Unfortunately, many of these expenses can’t be avoided. On the bright side, there are still ways that you can cut outgoing cash on a daily basis. It might not seem like a lot short-term, but it’ll eventually start to add up to significant savings. Ready to start saving more each month? Here are some tips to help get you started.

1. Cut out the coffee

Make it at home and take it to go, or take advantage of the coffee pot that most workplaces have. If you’re making daily or even weekly trips to Starbucks for your java fix, it might not seem like it but it’s definitely taking a chunk out of your budget. According to U.S. News, if you spend $3 on coffee each day, that adds up to $90 per month and $1,080 a year. It’s okay to treat yourself occasionally, but try and make it a rarity. Your bank account will thank you.

According to AARP, “The average American household spends about $200 per year on books alone (U.S. Census Bureau), most of which could be borrowed for free from any of the nation’s 17,000 public libraries.” The best part? Getting a library card is free.

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Hot air rises. Without air sealing your attic you are allowing warm air to escape from your home carrying with it your hard earned winter heating money. Most people just add insulation to their attic - this will not stop the escaping warm air. The EPA estimates that the typical American home has enough leaks, holes and gaps to be equal to an open window every day of the year. That is significant.

In the past year I’ve been on an energy hog hunt in my house and landed on air sealing my attic before adding blown insulation. I was a bit shocked at the $1,500-$2,500 contractor estimates for attic sealing. I’m all about DIY when it saves me time or money. My cost was under $150 and it took me less than a day.


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What foods don't freeze well?
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Freshwater Aquariums

Keeping a freshwater aquarium doesn't need to be expensive. Most people buy and feed their fish way too much food. They can easily go a day or two without any food. And, don't feed them too much. If they look swollen after feeding, you're giving them too much.

Look online for tank supplies. Prices are often cheaper than your local pet store. The quality is the same, but the price is lower!







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