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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Greatest Survivalist Photo? Are you Insured?

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Our national motto has become When in Doubt, Sue!  It is smart to have insurance in place.

Are You Insured?

   There isn’t a week that goes by when the news doesn’t report a house fire which leaves a family homeless and destroys their belongings.  In our area, it is apparent many do not carry even basic renters insurance and the newscasters always lets viewers know that a fund has been set up to help the family.


   I frequently see the same situation when a child dies and few families seem to carry life insurance.  When I lived in Arizona these families always seemed to host a car wash to pay the funeral expenses.


Although families in our area a flush with cash, many are not and insurance premiums are often thought of as costly and unaffordable.    


They are not.  The premiums for renters insurance are almost always less than $300 annually.  Term or whole life insurance for children is ridiculously cheap under most circumstances.


Landlords rarely cover renter’s belongings which are stolen or damaged.  A renters policy will pay for this and most policies will cover the cost of legal expenses if someone is injured in your apartment or rental property and you are sued.  [Don’t forget our national motto:  When in Doubt-Sue}


Most policies will cover the cost of temporary housing should a fire make your place uninhabitable.  If you many extra valuables ask your agent about possible riders you’ll need to cover your antiques and collectibles.  Most policies offer around $20-$25,000 of coverage…not much when you factor in how expensive everything has become when they need to be replaced.



This may be the greatest survivalist photo on the Internet

I’ve been on the Internet since 1993, and I have seen a lot of photos in that time. But I have never seen this one. I have no idea why this isn’t already an image macro, or why there isn’t an entire subreddit for this. It’s like there’s something wrong with the Internet, that this is not already a meme.

Can someone help me out there? I’m taking nominations for captions in the comments.

I found this at the Zombie Squad forums

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