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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grab these freebies before they are gone


Poor Man Survival

Self Reliance tools for independent minded people…

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A Digest of Urban Survival Resources

In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.
- Theodore Roosevelt



Grab these freebies while you still can!


   For many people, being prepared means having enough beer stockpiled to last long enough to cover Thursday night football through Monday night football.


Being a Boy Scout is not in the nature for most folks. Every time winter storms or hurricanes approach, the nightly news airs spots showing the unprepared hoards hitting the grocery store because “Gee, I never thought a natural disaster would hit my neighborhood.’


I’ve been writing about and practicing the art of preparedness since 1999.  Sadly, what I see is that fewer people seem to have a clue about preparedness, what is happening to our world or even what steps they need to become more self reliant.


It is ironic however, there were perhaps 50 groups preaching the benefits of being self reliant when I started, now there are thousands of such groups.  Despite that, more people today seem to have their head buried in the sand.


I was taught from an early age to help others by sharing knowledge but I see fewer people who take advantage or who share such resources.  There are always those few, roughly five percent, who actively support and/or practice such endeavors.


At one point we had about 2,000 direct subscribers and supporters and another 8,000 Twitter followers and a few thousand facebook fans [the weakest link in our chain].  Even fewer have ever given their financial support through purchases from our site or storefront.


Rather than beating a dead horse any further, I am suspending this blog by Thanksgiving.  The site, unless adopted by another like-minded group, will end in January 2015.


My health issues have put a damper on my energy level and the dismal support for our efforts here has dampened my enthusiasm…and because so few seem to care, no longer will I ponder the challenges of trying to save our nation. 


If by chance you would like to take over all of the Poor Man Survival web properties, drop me a line. Several of my informational CD ROM collections, such as our best selling Protect Your Homestead are for sale too. [Note: our No BS Guide to Starting an Online Business collection has been donated to a college which supports the retraining of returning veterans].


Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


P.S.  I am working on another project which involves a long time passion – pinups and Hollywood starlets.  I’ll let you in our retro guy efforts in a future issue. 



Feel free to share the ideas & resources you enjoy with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Plus share this with any friends or family you think would find it interesting.


All of the Reports below are Free…


*10 Ways to Take Back Your Liberty

*Rules for Radicals-by Saul Alinsky

*Atlas Shrugged - by Ayn Rand

*Emergency Preparedness



$What to do if the Dollar Collapses$


The Poor Man’s Special Reports:  Self Protection Tips for Women & Children



Poor Man Essential Survival Package

--The Doctors Protocol: Secrets of Survival

--How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

--Guide to Self Reliant Living

--Becoming Self Sufficient for Six Months

--How I Found Freedom in an Un-free World



Plus Beating the Bureaucrat files


How to Survive the

War on Middle Class and All 9 Bonus Reports can be downloaded here:


How to Make a Stove Out of a Tin Can

Oatmeal Dinner Roll Recipe to Perfect Any Meal


Yours in freedom,

Bruce ‘the Poor Man’


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