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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Tips to Survive Through the 2016 Bubble and New Economy

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10 Tips To Survive During the 2016 Social Media Bubble and the New Economy…

Social media could become a major bubble.  Money made from hype more than
from sales.  How could a company like Facebook’s math add up?  Investors
showed excitement when Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion.  Making
each employee at WhatsApp worth over $300 million and acquiring 500
million users where each user needs to be at the value of $300 to break
even on the acquisition.


  By using arithmetic it doesn’t seem like this
acquisition is anything close to a bargain yet investors are excited.
Don’t forget Facebook also tried to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion.  A
service that has zero revenue, 30 million users (making each user worth
$100), and yet Mark Zuckerberg is still described as a genius.  A genius
he might be but he is still only human. 


   The $2 billion dollar acquisition for Oculus which is 1000 times more than what is raised on
Kickstarter does not seem like a bargain.  Yet, it might be so amazing
that it could become Facebook’s main money maker and put Xbox out of
business.  Here are ways to survive the next economic recession during the
year 2017 if the Social Media Bubble actually happens.  Hopefully, though
it won’t.

1.       Rent your car via RelayRides
2.       Become a Lyft or Uber driver to earn part time income
3.       Don’t buy soda and instead use Soda Stream and make all your
carbonated beverages at    home.
4.      Kick out your roommate and rent out your home to travelers through
Airbnb or HomeAway.  It will probably also cover your own part of the
5.      If you seek to create a business don’t seek investors.  Seek crowdfunding.
6.      Find a way where you can earn small incomes by selling on Fiverr
7.      Provide simulation classes with the Oculus Rift headset when it goes
mainstream and potentially dominates our lives.
8.      Embrace the new sharing economy.
9.      If you find a smartphone app that you really want but need to pay for.
Find a competitor offering a similar service for free.  Nowadays, internet
based businesses are willing to lose money and not earn money for a long
time as a way to get a membership base.
10.     Buy less and reuse more.  With China and India growing and becoming
more of a consumer based society.  The price of all resources will
probably go up and become a lot more expensive.

Paul Rothbein is a future enthusiast and the founder of The Perspective
2020 Directory to Everything, and the Perspective 2020 Almanac To
Everything: A Decade In Review.   Both are due to be released in early
2015, with a Kickstarter campaign set for December More details can be
found on





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