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Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Like Beautiful Women

I Buy Beautiful Women


   As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am closing down the Poor Man Survival blog site by Thanksgiving due to lack of input and support.  I am recreating a site I used to own back in the mid-1990s  …one devoted to Hollywood glamour girls and the pinups popularized by American aviators during WWII.

I have fun with this and thought there might be an off chance some of you might enjoy this effort as well…

 This was the title of the first website I owned in the mid-90s.  I bought and sold pinup calendars and related items.  It tied into one of my eBay accounts called Exotika Erotika where I sold books, photos, card decks and pinups.  [now you’ll find such items at].

In those days we only sold original items, not reproductions or computer generated, laser printed goods.  Many others started selling knock-offs and crap and the market [and the fun] kind of withered away.

At any given time I had as many as 100 or more images hung on my walls throughout my house…the old pinups were more about pretty faces and great curves.  They got their big start in main stream society as a result of WWII aviators who had such images painted onto their airplanes [they already had their favorite cheesecake photos taped to their lockers].

In many respects, this art form is unique to America.  Erotic art, devices, and symbols, on the other hand, go back more than a thousand years.  There are museums in Germany and elsewhere which are devoted strictly to erotica…

I’ll be posting my ‘RetroGuy’ stuff periodically and it will include various genres of exotic women from famous pinups to cartoons and retro jokes and cocktail recipes to very vintage images from the early 1900s [ironically, some of the best art created by Vargas is from this time frame] and beyond.

By today’s standards, these photos and images are mighty tame and I will keep it that way…in fact, often the best aspect of a pinup is the wonderfully made up face and the curves are a bonus.  It has always been my opinion that most every woman is beautiful and they simply need to learn the best ways to capitalize on their best elements.

There isn’t anything here that would bother my mother at seeing!

I’ll be thinking of some contests to post also…perhaps amateur night or other ideas along that line.  Got suggestions?  Send them to me at:


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P.S.  I’m still working on more pictures and content for the site and hope to have a section on vintage men’s magazine covers, cartoons and posters done soon!  Below is a link to our first blog post which you might find interesting and fun. You can subscribe to our feed here:


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